I am terrible at goodbyes. Which is quite ironic, because for the last seven years of my life I have been saying goodbye constantly. To places I lived, to friends I made, to my family, to new countries.  I have been saying goodbye (and luckily hello again) to my boyfriend almost every weekend for the past four years. I am ever-moving despite the fact that I get choked up at every goodbye. I have cried after goodbyes in airplanes and trains and cars. I had a lot of practise and have still not gotten  any better at it.
Today´s goodbye is a big one. I am saying goodbye to my first big girl office job, to the first job that allowed me to finance my life with something I absolutely love, my first chance to work as a journalist. I am also saying goodbye to Cologne, a city that has welcomed me so incredibly warmly and that has been nothing but lovely over the past year and a half. And I am saying goodbye to the most amazing team of colleagues: diverse, fun, caring. Working for this radio station has been an absolute dream of mine, the internship alone was a wonderful opportunity and to be able to work here and deal with exactly the topics I am passionate about with a great team of people was almost too good to be true.
I had never guessed I would like Cologne as much. I had never imagined I would live and work here for a while in radio nontheless. And I have been quite melancholic this week to leave here. I am thrilled for my new job, it truly is the opportunity of my dreams and I am thrilled to be so much closer to home again and yet I am sad to leave. I will miss biking to work through the park. I will miss my walks in the city forest. I will miss lunch breaks with my colleagues in town. The little pastry the French café across the street gives you with your coffee. The view of the cathedral. How warm and open everyone here is.
My job at COSMO (not Cosmopolitan) has allowed me to come to work everyday and feel fulfilled. To be completely content with what I do for the first time in my life. I am so lucky to work in a field I enjoy, to have found that so early in my life and to actually make living from it and I am grateful for it everyday. And the first place I got to do that will forever be special to me. So maybe that is why I am so terrible at goodbyes: because actually I never say goodbye, just see you soon.

Packed: three months of clothes in one (in numbers 1) luggage

Read: Finished book two of the Neapolitan Saga and moved on to Homo Deus

Worked out: with a resistance band and wanted to let you know, that I am now accepting donations for the funeral of my butt


Talked: About journalism for the first time on my Instagram and really enjoyed it - and so did you

Ate: Almost exclusively cherries and strawberries.

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