We´ve made it all the way through my first Australia road-trip through Victoria and New South Wales  and have arrived in the hot sweaty north of Straya: Queensland. We once again started out in Brisbane and had three weeks to make our way up to Cairns in about three weeks. Our first stop was Noosa Heads, a beachy paradise not even a two hour drive from Brisbane. Noosa may have been one of my absolute favourites in Australia and it is very much like a slightly hotter and moister Byron Bay so no wonder so many Australians love it for their vacations.

Noosa Heads Coastal Walk

This walk spans all the way from Noosa main beach to Sunshine beach. It spans across 7 kilometers and if done in full takes about two hours. The path (at least in the beginning) is extremely easy to walk on and fully paved. We only did parts of it and if you aim for hiking all of it, you may want to start early in the morning as it can get boiling hot here.
The water here is just stunning you get to spot surfers in action all along the track and there are loads of different lookouts. Here are just some of the highlights along the walk:

Dolphin Bay lookout, where you can - you guessed it - spot dolphins. 

Hells Gate, a little bay where you can see the powers of the ocean in action

Fairy Pools, little natural pools at the edge of the headland


Noosa Main Beach is absolutely gorgeous and obviously easily accessible from the city centre. It can get slightly crowded.There is a lovely walk towards the Noosa River mouth and the further you get from the city, the calmer the beach gets. If you look for more peace and quiet you may want to head over to Tea Tree Bay, a secluded and much more quiet beach than the main beach in Noosa with lots of shades and a calmer surf. 


There are loads of surf schools in Noosa, but if you want to save some money and have a little more space in the water, you may want to head over to Coolum Beach. We actually stayed here, since all the camping spots in Noose were booked out and we actually really liked it. We camped right by the beach and there was a direct bus, which got you over to Noosa in about thirty minutes. We also took a surf class here with a lovely teacher and paid 60 dollars or about 35 Euros for two hours. The surf here was super intense and we were completely knocked out after our session, but it was still really really fun.

Noosa Heads

Between all your beaching, you may want to schedule your time for shopping and snacking. Noosa Heads is a gorgeous little seaside town. There are gorgeous cafés and restaurants along the seafront, but they are obviously a little on the pricier side, but again: perfect for a sundowner.
We kept it quiet basic and headed to Grill´d, an Australian burger chain, that offers healthy burgers and salad, which are equally good and then made up for the healthy dinner at the Ben&Jerry´s shop down the road. One little shopping recommendation: make sure to head to Jojo Noosa fashion right next to these two restaurants and go wild if you have the money. These shops only exist along the sunshine coast so don´t repeat our mistake of trying to do your shopping in Cairns (where the shopping sucks if you ask me).

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