If you follow my Instagram this will not come as a surprise to you, but I LOVE Melbourne. The two months I spent here were absolutely amazing, if there ever was a chance I would move to Melbs in a heartbeat and I really really miss this city. Melbourne has been ranking on the first or second spots of the world´s most liveable cities and I can absolutely confirm this ranking myself. There are so many things to love about Melbourne: its coffee culture, the amazing restaurants, the cool bars, the simple fact that it is a gorgeous city, how green it is, the fact that is has seasons... My Australian friends are largely from Melbourne (two thirds to be exact) and like many Melbourners they love their city and have hyped it up quite a bit and Melbourne still surpassed all my expectations. So here are all of my faourite spots in Melbourne. It may be difficult to fit them all in a four day visit, but I personally believe once you have been to Melbourne you will want to return again and again.


Free Walking Tour - I am an avid fan of free walking tours and have gone on them in many a European and South American city. They give you a great overview, are usually done by locals and are a great way to meet new people if you are travelling solo. The one I did in Melbourne starts every single day at the State Library at 10:30 and 2:30 pm. It takes two to three hours and was super informative and fun.

Queen Victoria Market - Listen this bitch loves herself a market. And Queen Victoria Market is one of the largest in Melbourne: they sell everything from veggies to clothes. Shopping here is actually super cheap, which does really help in Australia. If you are in Melbourne in summer they have the Victoria Night Markets here every Wednesday with loads of international food and drink stands.

State Library - if you are a bookworm just like me you will absolutely love the Victorian State Library. Not only is the building absolutely gorgeous, they also have an exhibition about Melbourne´s history and lots of quirky books. It is also a great place to get some work done in a gorgeous setting and absolute bonus: the library is completely free.

Hosier Lane - Melbourne is famous for its street art. There is also a tour specifically for the street art here, but it is quite expensive. If you are on a budget and not necessarily an absolute art fan like me, then you may want to do the budget version and visit Hosier Lane. The street art here changes so every time you will visit it looks different.

Eureka Skydeck - Melbourne has an amazing skyline, but it may be even more beautiful from high up. The sky deck in the Eureka tower is on the 88th floor and gives you an amazing panorama view. Make sure to get your tickets online, they are cheaper and you don´t have to wait in line.

Botanical Gardens - The gardens are huge and absolutely beautiful. It is a perfect spot for an afternoon stroll or a picnic and an absolute green oasis right in the centre of the busy city. During the summer months there is also the Moonlight outdoor cinema in the gardens. You get to bring your own food and drinks and then watch a movie under the stars. 

Koorie Heritage Trust - Melbourne has a rich Aboriginal history, that is really easy to forget about when you wander under the modern skyscrapers. The Koorie Heritage trust informs you about the Aboriginal history, offers walking tours and has changing exhibition. And except for the walking tours, this service is completely for free. 

National Gallery of Victoria - As mentioned above I am not the biggest art connoisseur, but the National Gallery actually has really great exhibitions, completely for free. I skipped out on the European art, but I did really really love the Asian art exhibition and the modern art here.

Shrine of Rememberance - I personally had no idea Australians were involved in World War I and II, but they were and actually remember the fallen not only in this gorgeous shrine, but also on the national holiday Anzac Day. The shrine is super impressive itself, only to be topped by the amazing view from the top balcony.

South Melbourne Market - Yet another market, but I swear if you are a foodie it will be so worth it. The selection of food here is amazing: cheeses, fresh fish, dried herbs, cakes... you name it. You can do your shopping here and get amazing quality for quite cheap or you can come her for lunch or dinner - or even get a massage.


Melbourne is a foodie mecca. The brunch scene here is through the roof amazing, as is the coffee culture and I am pretty sure if you were to teleport one Melbourne café to Berlin or Cologne the lines would be all around the block. But Melbourne also has amazing for dinner options and really, really great Asian food. So here are some of my favourite spots in Melbourne:

Auction Rooms - this gorgeous café was just around the corner from the hostel I lived in for three weeks in Melbourne. The interior alone is reason enough to love it and on top of that the food here is through the roof amazing. I loved coming here for some quiet time, when the hostel got too much for my introvert soul (aka err damn day) and just sat here reading for hours. My absolute favourite was the french toast, which is honestly mindblowing and the brownie (ask for some peanut butter on top).

Brothers Keeper - this is my place of work so I may be a little biased, but not only is everyone here absolutely lovely and it was one of my favourite waitressing places I ever worked at, but the food is incredible! The Açaí bowl here is still the absolute best I have EVER had, but I also love the savoury options such as the Smashed Avo and the Big Brother.

Two Birds, One Stone - this is one of the highest rated brunch places and I feel like it is a bit of a hidden gem. It is quite tiny so maybe try to book ahead. I had the ricotta pancakes here and it was delicioso!

Tall Timber - this gem was right around the corner from my apartment in Melbourne, like literally a five minute walk and I got an iced almond latte here almost every day. We also came here for brunch/lunch here and it was so good! I got the french toast, which was amazing and Tristan got a Thai beef salad, which was so good as well!

BYOs in China Town - if you are after a cheap dinner in Melbs and want to get absolutely smashed while you are at it, head down to China town to one of the BYO places, where you get to bring your own drinks. It´s best to go in a big group and get loads to share, the dumplings here are just so amazing and so is the Chinese broccoli. My favourite was Empress of China. DEFINITELY book ahead, the line goes out the door at times.

South of the Wall - I LOVE Mexican food and this place is absolutely delicious. It also has beyond cool decorations (huge Frida Kahlo mural? Sign me tf up). Every thing I tried here was so so good, definitely get one of the salad bowls, try the chicken tacos and pleeease get the Mexican fries for me.

Santoni - this is the perfect place for a stunner view and great pizza. The rooftop terrace is so pretty and their truffle pizza is to die for! It´s really hard to get a table up here so book ahead. Ideal for a special date night or a great spot before a girl´s night out.

Hanoi Hannah - this spot offers a modern twist on Vietnamese cuisine and is perfect for lunch. There are multiple ones all across Melbourne and they all have different cuisine from different regions in Vietnam.

Mr. Miyagi - this Asian fusion restaurant is one of Melbourne´s most favourite places right on the hip Chapel street. Book ahead well in advance and make sure to get the frozé here! It is an awesome place to go in a group and share as they mainly serve Asian tapas style meals. Get the fried chicken and some of the tacos!


Melbourne has a really big bar scene and you have to go to a rooftop bar here. The skyline is absolutely amazing! But beyond just views Melbourne has so many really, really cool special bars with crazy themes and decor.

Berlin Bar - as a German this may be more interesting to me than to others, but the bar is split into two rooms representing East and West Berlin and you get to choose if you want to drink in the communist or capitalist part of the city. The atmosphere and decor here is so cool and drinks are actually delish.

Arbory Afloat - this place is absolutely gorgeous. It is a float right on the Yarra river giving you spectacular views. It is only open throughout the summer months, but if is open make sure to go! The food here also looks beyond delish. May be another spot to celebrate something a little special.

Goldilocks - this is one of the afformentioned rooftop bars. If you get the right spot the views are absolutely amazing, but if you don´t sit right at the edge it´s a bit disappointing. Drinks are relatively cheap though and the dumplings here are really, really good!

Rooftop Bar - easy to guess what this bar is all about with this name, but it is acutally one of my absolute favourite spots in Melbourne. The views are amazing and the bar looks like I imagine a rooftop bar in New York. It´s a great hangout spots and has really delicious burgers! They also do rooftop cinemas in summer. 

Naked for Satan - yet another rooftop bar, but somewhat outside of the city so you get a full on view of the skyline. Melbourne in general is very hipstery and Fitzroy, where Naked for Satan is even more so. A great spot with really nice afterwork deals on drinks, so perfect after wandering around Fitzroy for the day.

My favourite places

Degrave Street - this little alleyway right off of Flinders Station is filled with cafés and little restaurants. Great for a little wander, to get a taste of Melbourne´s food culture and to eat kangaroo and emu burgers if you are into that.

Chapel Street - I lived a five minute walk fro Chapel street and walked along it almost every day. It´s where so many cool cafés, restaurants and bars in Melbourne are. A great spot for any type of food an especially to grab dinner and drinks before a night out. I also really loved getting coffee and just people watching here. 

The Swan - in my four months in Melbourne I made it to two clubs. Public house and the dirty Swan. May not be the fanciest of places (definitely is not), but the music is right up my alley (90s and 2000s holla) and I had some really great nights here.

So there it is: my ultimate list of Melbourne To Do´s. Still probably lacking a milion great tips, but if I can convince you of anything with this post then I hope it is to pay Melbourne a visit. No matter how long or short.

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