We have not done of these in a minute, but these personal posts are your favourites. It´s still really funny to me, because compared to the travel posts which involve a lot of research and more preparation, on a good day I can write a personal post in minutes. But lately I have been not feeling majorly inspired. With writer´s block it can be easier to write a more structured and factual post about travelling instead of spilling the tea on your personal thoughts and feelings. I also feel like the topics I think most about at the moment do not really change: big life changes, transitioning and being all over the place and I am not sure how many posts one can read (or write) about this without getting repetitive. But writing about writer´s block and insecurity is such a chliché in itself that I feel like we should just get into it.

It´s finally summer. I know that´s a lot coming from someone, who completely skipped the cold season from October to March this year, but I am still quite excited. Especially since it is maybe the second summer in seven years, where I don´t have exams, essays, a thesis, an internship or a summer job to attend to. And yet I still feel guilty sometimes for just enjoying and relaxing. Despite me having two jobs for the better part of last year, despite finishing my degree, despite having a full-time job lined up for August and also working at the moment I don´t really feel like I deserve or handle having so much time off. And I know this is the definition of a first world problem: feeling guilty about having free time. But after two weeks at work I now have three weeks off in a row and I am really lucky with the weather cooperating with my schedule for the first time in ages. I had my boyfriend and one of my best friends from home visiting me in Cologne, which was absolutely lovely. I really, really enjoy living in this city and I know I will dearly miss it, even though it has never been on my radar until last February. I love the good cafés and great shops, how friendly people are and how this city feels in summer. I love going for runs in the city forest and being able to take strolls along the canal in my backyard. I love riding my bike through the city late at night and having drinks outside. If you think about visiting Germany and only aim for Munich and Berlin, I beg you to reconsider and pay Hamburg and Cologne a visit as well.

Since Sunday however I am back in Göttingen and also absolutely loving the summer here. It is always so funny to me how different a city and its people are in summer and in winter, especially in countries with actual seasons. The excitement in people, how happy everyone is, how much time you spend outside... I love it. And I have nothing on my agenda at the moment than to sunbathe and read good books and sit on rooftops with my friends, which feels just so great. July is all about getting my travels in before I start my job, but I feel like June is mainly focused on treating myself. Usually being so broke I could barely afford to shop during sales, I can now just buy stuff whenever I want, which feels absolutely lovely and with being paid on Monday I have placed three orders online and been shopping offline as well. I am eating good food, I am out with friends whenever I can and I am just loving being able to treat myself both in terms of having the financial ability for the first time in ages and having the time for it. I know how privileged I am at the moment and I am really soaking it all up, but especially if you are currently stressed and broke you deserve some treats. We tend to forget about caring about ourselves until we have time and money for it, but it should really be a part of our every day routine, whether it´s going for a walk, meeting a friend or practicing Yoga: Selfcare and Selflove does not need to cost a dime or take ages. Maybe that´s my little hope for June: That we all can treat ourselves as if we were on vacation a little more on the daily.

Read: Really, really tried to finish Uncle Tom´s Hut, but just could not bring myself to do it and gave up, xoxo inspiraional reading girl. I am now reading Qualityland and it´s much more fun. There´s a life lesson in here and it is: give up. Just give up.

Listened: My taste in music is debatable (non existent) and has been most prevelant this week in my constant switching between German rap and extremely girly pop. Favourites included the new T-Swift jam (thanks for ending homophobia), the entire Lizzo album (what a fucking gem) and Juju.

Watched: I have been craving comfort for a while now and have only been watching calming, fun favs such as One Day at a Time and Modern Family.

Bought: A dress, boots, a dungaree dress (feeling v 70s) and three new books - YAY capitalism.

Planned: All of my outfits for the festival I will head to in August - hence all of the new clothes.

Tanned: At the public pool and am now almost back to Straya levels of tan thanks to using self tanning lotion in between.

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