Sydney is famous for beaches, while Melbourne is mostly famous for its culture. But just a 40 minute drive from the city, you can find gorgeous beaches, beautiful hikes and top notch wineries all in one spot: the Mornington Peninsula. Again I am biased: but Melbourne is clearly superior.

I am super lucky since my best friend lives on the peninsula and so I got to experience this gem from my first day in Australia. It is not necessarily a secret tip, especially in summer everyone tries to get away from the blazing hot city and head to the beach and in winter the wineries are flooded, but it is oh so worth the short trip down the coast and a weekend here should always be included in your Melbourne stay.


Cape Shanck

Cape Shanck offers a relatively relaxed boardwalk along the beack, a gorgeous view over two little bays, fascinating sea life and a pretty little lighthouse with more scenic views. The walk takes about 30 minute in a circuit, but obviously you can take a little longer to check out the plants, waves and views.

Arthurs Seat

This mountain was named after the one in Edinburgh and if you have climbed that one, you know it is quite some work. Luckily you can drive up the one in Australia and not to hate on Edinburgh, but the view over the turquoise water you get in reward here may be even better. On top are a number of nice walk and lookouts as well as an aboriginal garden. There is also a cable car, but according to my friend it has broken down twice before so I personally would skip out on it.

Sorrento Back Beach 

This was my first beach to ever visit in Australia, when it was actually hot and it is still one of my favourites. The rock formations here are so cool, the water colour is beyond amazing and you usually almost have it to yourself since it is a little more remote. There are popular cliff diving spots here, but my fear of heights and love for my own self have kept me far away from them.

Mount Martha Beach

This beach is not as far down the peninsula and thus very, very popular with the city folk on a weekend getaway. You get the little beach huts the peninsula is famous for plus very easy sea access. The walk down to the beach is really nice and I know I may bore you, but the colour of this water is to die for!


Sorrento is the very tip of the Peninsula, but it is very well worth the trip down. This litte sea town is a holiday favourite with absolutely gorgeous water my favourite beach as mentioned above, lovely little cafés, restaurants and shops. I was lucky enough to have a lovely friend, who had a beach house here and we spent two amazing weekends down here, making platters and drinking loads of wine. It was where I spent my last weekend in Melbourne with my friends and so it has quite a special place in my heart. Being the foodie I am (and with my luck for weather and it being freezing the two times we went down to Sorrento) I mainly ate, so here are my favourite restaurants:


This gorgeous Italian restaurant is a five minute walk from the sea (if that) and offers all the classics: Pizza, Pasta and Amore. They also had a breakfast menu, which looked delicious, but it´s their truffle pizza that won me over. An amazing spot for a date night, a girl´s night out or even just for a drink with a sea view.

Three Sisters

Yet another brunch place, if you are still surprised you must be new here. Super delicious Eggs Benedict, really good coffee and amazing waffles! If you are on a health kick their muesli also was surprisingly good and the interior here is just so so cute. There is a beautiful little court yard and a veggie garden and I just loved coming here!

Fish Fetish

Even though I personally really do not like Fish this Fish and Chips shop is apparently a local gem and I can confirm the chips were to die for! They also have other different food options like chicken kebabs and fish cakes and it´s a nice family owned business.


No trip to the peninsula is complete without heading to a winery (or a couple). The wine here is sold all over the world and tastes absolutely amazing and I can´t think of a better afternoon than a little wine tasting followed by lunch in the sun between gorgeous vineyards. Also extremely popular for Bachelorette parties, birthdays or weddings. There are loads of wineries along the peninsula and I am sure most of them are amazing, but I can whole heartedly recommend these two: 


Perfect for a smaller budget! This winery is so gorgeous and I loved their outdoor seating and their very Instagramable T´Gallant frame. Another major argument: the wine tasting here is completely free meaning you get to taste five different wines for zero Dollars. What a deal! Definitely get the rosé and the Prosecco and if you get lucky and get the nice gentlemen, who did our testing you may actually end up tasting eight wines and getting a little tipsy. T´Gallant is also amazingly reasonably priced! We had a tasting platter, two pizzas and a bottle of wine and spend about 30 Euros per person.   A bottle of wine is around 26 dollars, which is very impressive with a glass usually being around 10 in a bar. 


This winery has an absolutely stunning interior. There is outdoor seating overlooking the vineyards and a gorgeous flower garden, but for special occasions you can book seating inside. And if you want to go all out there is yet another more upscale restaurant. I however was fully content with the roasted potatoes with aioli and pizzas. The wine and food is a bit more expensive and the tastings require you to buy five bottles of wine, but it is such a nice setting so perfect for lunch or a special dinner.

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