This year so far has been full of changes. I spent the first month of the year in Melbourne, the second one travelling Queensland, the third in the application process for my job and ever since I have been bouncing between Cologne, Bremen, Göttingen and Oldenburg. My life has been very far from consistent with almost no routine, set location or schedule - I am working some days and not working others, I am staying at my mum´s, my dad´s, my boyfriend´s and my place intermittently. 
And despite all this in so many regards I have been more consistent this year than ever before. Except for the one week I got back from Australia and last week when I was sick I have been working out three to four times for the past five months. I am writing and reading so much more this year and so much more consistently than ever before. I am meditating and sticking to my morning routine almost every day. I have been doing Yoga every week this year. For the first time in my life I feel like I am finally consistent, can finally let go of my black and white mentality and develop habits, which are good and healthy for me instead of doing it all or nothing style like I used to for so long.
I stick to the habits, which are good for me and I don´t loose all faith, when I don´t do them perfectly and for the first time in my life I feel like I have attained this thing called "balance" we all seem to strive for. 
Eversince Easter (and introducing chocolate back into my diet lol) I have been struggling with eating healthily and especially mindless eating and I guess that struggle with stick me for a long time, but generally I feel like I switched my mindset from punishing my body and striving for a weird version of perfection, but for feeling and doing my best.
Working out and taking care of myself are so much more naturally to me after sticking to it for a while and I know I will return to my healthy habits so I don´t beat myself up for missing a day. I finally found the confidence (or the moments in between) to meditate even when visiting friends. I make it to the gym quite consistently. I write almost every day. And while my life may be a mess, I have managed to find a routine that I can take everywhere with me and that grounds me, even though everything in my life is a little messy at the moment.

Read: Currently making my way through "Uncle Tom´s Cabin". I am aware of the criticism this book receives, but I still personally think it is very interesting to see how abolitionists argued against slavery even before the American civil war.

Watched: Now that Game of Thrones is over one obviously needs to make the most of a Sky subscription. We started Chernobyl, the highest ratest series of all time and curiously published just when everyone was about to cancel Sky after GoT - weird how that works out. I like it, but I am not obsessed, while the bf is absolutely hooked.

Listened to: While spring seems to come really slowly this year - if at all - spring is always connected  to Indie Rock for me and I have been indulging in a lot of old Bombay Bicycle Club, The Wombats and good old Kate Nash.

Bought: After being beyond broke for about two months I finally got paid (yay) and got mostly basics, because apparently I am a grown up now. But I also scored two new workout outfits, which made me very very happy and sparked my motivation to work out again.

Enjoyed: Working. I still feel this intense sense of happiness and gratitude every time I get to work in journalism, especially this week with so many topics I found interesting and so many cool and funny interview partners. And obviously and forever with a great group of colleagues. So crazy to think I only have two more weeks here before I start my new job in August.

Voted: Obviously had and wanted to as a big fan of the European Union. And in what seems like forever I voted in person and not through a letter and absolutely loved seeing so many other people vote. What a special privilege we have to take part in democracy in this way.

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