This entire week has been a bit of a haze for me. After getting the big news for my job, I spent the entire day in a little joy bubble. I honestly still cannot fully grasp it and thought they made a mistake and called the wrong person. I now finally have it in writing and I need to check the mail about three times a day to really believe it – just in case you were wondering how great my self-esteem is going. Since then I have spent the majority of the week in Cologne working.

I am still a little all over the place and miss having my own flat or even room, but I have also spent the last couple of days just so intensely grateful for my life. Shifting my focus from the things, that go wrong in my life, to the things I am thankful for, has done absolute wonders for my happiness levels. I am obviously absolutely over the moon for getting the job I have always dreamt of. But beyond this great opportunity there are so many little things I should be so grateful for every single day: I get to wake up with a roof over my head every single day. I have running water and it is drinkable quality. Hell I even shower and flush my toilet with drinking water, while millions of people cannot even access clean water at all. I never have to go a day without food, there is an abundance at the tip of my fingers. I do not live in war, insecurity or a conflict. I have health insurance. All of these things are such privileges, such fucking gifts and not normal in any way shape or form. So for these things alone I should be bursting with gratitude everyday.
And on top of that I get to work in a field I really, really enjoy and make a living with that. I have people, who truly and honestly love me for who I am, who listen to me, take me seriously, celebrate my successes. I have a body I can move as much as I want to, a body that is healthy and that can run and lift and bend for Yoga. I was able to get an education at university level without me or my family having to go thousands of Euros in debt. I get to travel and see the world. To have all of this on top of just being generally so fortunate is what millions of people dream of. I am not saying you are not allowed to be happy or mad or annoyed because of these things, but I also feel like from to time you should acknowledge how lucky we are. And sometimes when things get tough it helps to focus on these things or even smaller little joys.
While working can be stressful, I get to see spring blossoming around me. I see huge cherry trees full of flowers and nature slowly becoming more and more green. I wake up to sunshine and birds chirping. I get to drink really good coffee and eat really delicious food and read good books. There are so many tiny little things to be happy about and I really noticed how wonderful focusing on them makes me feel in my daily life.

Read: Still on good old Alex Humboldt, but I am currently only reading on the train to and from work, so let´s hope I finish it this weekend.

Watched: Lots and lots of trash thank f*cking god. Absolutely enjoyed Back with the Ex and Selling Sunset on Netflix. If you are into very cringey reality TV give them a go please!

Listened: I´m so tired – Troye Sivane and Lauve

Managed: To work out twice after work and find a gym I like. Actually feel like I am getting the hang of this adulting thing, but will check back in with you once I do not only work one  week per month.

Found: A room in Cologne. Still looking for one in Hamburg in July though so feel free to help me search. 

Loved: Work and my lovely colleagues. It honestly changes your entire working day if you are surrounded by lovely people and do something you enjoy.

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