I have talked about my emotions about coming back home in my last post and how lost and stressed I felt. Today I finally found out, it was all worth it and I got my absolute dream job. I was so beyond passionate about this job, I wanted it so badly and I was so worried I would not get it. And after waiting all morning for a call I was so convinced that I was only going to get bad news, so I jumped under the shower - only to get the call with the positive message I have been waiting for for ages while covered in shampoo and butt naked (let´s talk about a professional start).
In four months I will start working full-time as a journalist, learning all about radio, television and online journalism for two years in my absolute dream city in Germany: Hamburg. I have done my first ever internship as a journalist at 15 years old in my little home town newspaper. I was delighted about every story I got to write, was head over heels over working in an actual newspaper and really felt like I found my calling. I have since then continously worked in journalism, be it online or for papers and have never ever lost that initial love and excitement for my job. 
When I got an internship after my Bachelor working in TV in the first time I honestly cried, I enjoyed every day I got to work and working a ten hour day translating for the Brexit coverage is still one of the highlights of my life. When I scored an internship in Cologne in radio I was delighted, I was happy to work long days, in a city with zero friends and busting my ass and when they offered me to stay on board as a freelancer I literally cried happy tears. Over the last year I was able to pay my daily life with something I loved so fiercely and I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. Now after working in this job for over ten years - and still adoring it - I get to do it full-time in four months. 
Journalism is an intensely competitive field. It has exhausting working conditions, long days, work on public holidays and the payment can be terrible. But I have never found anything I love doing as much as telling and reporting stories. I am happy every single day I get to work as a journalist. I am so excited every single time something I write is published.
And if you have something you love like that, don´t let that go. Hold onto it and fully embrace it and give it your all. It may be tough and difficult at times, but if you find something that makes you happy and excited you need to hold onto it and do it ever chance you get. I don´t care if it´s a job or a hobby or a person: if you find joy you continue to chase it. So many people go all their life without it.

Read: Finished the absolutely beautiful A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara and can safely say it may be one of my absolute favourite books ever. Incredibly well written, but also intensely dark. I am currently reading The Invention of Nature: How Alexander Von Humbold Revolutionized Our Wourld, which I am also thoroughly enjoying. Generally I am so happy with how much I have been reading this year and how good most of the books I read have been.

Watched: All seasons of RuPaul´s Drag Race are on Netflix so I am very busy at the moment.

Listened: Jumped on the bandwagon and really fell in love with Billie Eilish. Am I hip with the kids now?

Felt: Nervous. So heartbreakingly nervous and stressed and now it has all been finally, finally all worth it.

Visited: Beautiful Hamburg - my future home.

Realised: That everything does really fall into place. I have dreamt of working in Hamburg since I was 16, I dreamt of being a journalist since I was 15 and after so many ups and downs those dreams finally, finally will come true.

Worked out: Finally got back into lifting after getting real tired off Kayla´s Bikini Body Guide and also started getting back into Yoga, which helped me so much with my headspace.

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