I feel like it´s sometimes the littlest moments in which you realise big changes. For me it was just now standing in line after my lunch break at work and yelling back at my colleague if he also wanted a coffee. I stood there and felt so crazily grown-up. I also had a tinge of this feeling a couple of weeks ago, when I first revisited my old campus after leaving uni in September and met up with some friends. I realised then, that I was no longer a student, that in a weird way that part of my life was over.

I still only work certain weeks of the months, I still have a lot of time off, but in general I have transitioned from being a student to actual grown-up mood, with a job, bills to pay and a set schedule. I think this fact has not really settled in due to my five months abroad as well as this weird in between-phase of the last month, where I did not have my own room, no idea where I was headed, no set layout of the next couple of months – really nothing but a lot of anticipation.

I have only come back from Australia seven weeks ago, sometimes it feels like I have never left at all, at other times it feels like I am a completely different person than the girl, who left Germany in October. In the past seven weeks I returned to my freelance job in Cologne, found a permanent position in Hamburg, moved into a new temporary shared flat on Monday, got a new gym membership… It feels funny to be back in Cologne even if it is just for two months, a city I never really considered until my internship last year, but which I have thoroughly enjoyed every time I am here. It feels funny to have a set schedule of heading to work at 8:45, biking through a spring green city, working, heading to the gym and then falling back into my temporary bed. I have my routine back now, I have a room for myself back and I have so intensely much to look forward to in the next months: a fresh start in Hamburg, a job I have always dreamt of and which I love, visiting friends near and far… After floating around for so long I have found some footing again and it feels like after a long long transition period I have finally made it to what I have always perceived as grown-up life. It´s still funny to me that I now have lunch breaks and head to my gym afterwards and have office banter. Funny, but also very rewarding.

Read: One of the perks of working in radio is that you sometimes get books before they even come out and get to read them at work. I have read the amazing book by the German free diver Anna von Boetticher. She speaks about her experiences as a diver, about overcoming challenges and about the joy she feels underwater. It inspired me so much, made me immediately want to go and get yet another diving certification and was a thrilling read. So if you love water or diving or inspirational books get it. I am not sure if it will be translated but the German title is In die Tiefe

Celebrated: Easter with my family and loved every bit of it. I am so so lucky to have such a loving, supportive, amazing bunch of people around me

Fingers crossed: for an absolute dream flat in Hamburg. Please pray for me

Felt: Content to be home. To actually look forward to come back to a city I hated for so long, to freely choose when to come and go and especially who I surround myself with when I am there

Planned: Two trips

Booked: One trip – see you next weekend Berlin!

Ended: Fasting and really really enjoyed being back on the chocolate and chips. However also kind of scary how majorly addicted I am to some types of food.

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