One of the main joys of doing freelance work is the free time you have between gigs. The downside is obviously the crippling anxiety of never ever being paid on time and still having to pay day to day bills on time like everyone else, but that´s a different story all together.
I am trying to focus on the positives thought (and not the negative in my bank account HAHAHA pls donate to my cause) and have really enjoyed being able to take afternoon naps, go out with friends on Tuesdays, soak up the sunshine and go to the gym before everyone gets off work. Knowing I will be working full-time from August on makes me appreciate and celebrate the time I have for myself now and really use it. I have been really trying to not just go from work to couch to bed and do it all over again the next day, but to actually make my way to the gym and hang out with friends, but obviously spending eight to nine hours at work takes a lot of time off your plate.
I have three more months of freelancing and living it up left (not saying I am not majorly looking forward to the job I will start in August, but you know you only can go on a vacation whenever you want and sleep in for so long in your life) and I really want to make the most of it. I hope to get at least one if not multiple little trips in before then, hang out with friends before six o´clock, go for brunch during the week... It feels good to know that I have a flat in Cologne lined up and will get back to a little routine for the next two months and am glad to finally retire the luggage I have been living out of for the past month and a half. I honestly just recently realised how much it took a strain on me and how much it stressed me to zig zag between four different cities and having no real base. Having this little space for myself will be great and I am beyond excited to head to Hamburg in July, decorate my own place and live in one city for at least two years.
I feel like it is all coming together and I finally will have the time to stop, reassess how I actually feel about coming home and I am so so grateful that I do not have to constantly stress about applications, finding new customers, getting shifts, pitching stories... it feels good to finally have some stability to look forward to as boring as it sounds. Guess I really am growing up afterall!

Read: While I promised myself to not buy anymore books, I came across a paperback version of Fire and Fury, which I wanted to read for the longest time, but shied away from how thick and heavy it was. Really enjoying it so far.

Watched: Game of Thrones obviously! Honestly can´t believe that it is back and especially can´t believe the boyfriend waited a day and a half so we can watch it together.

Listened: Finally listened to my music guru friend´s suggestion and absolutely fell in love with Rosalía. Especially beyond impressed with her artistic videos.

Considered: Buying a car, because I am just so beyond over ALWAYS being about an hour late when travelling by train. I wish it would not piss me off as much, but as someone in a long distance relationship you are so dependent on trains to run properly and it is so frustrating how often this does not work.

Back on: Iced Coffee! Only one month this year so far where I had to resort to the hot stuff.

Enjoyed: Spring sun, all the greenery, the flowers... and the first barbecue of the year outside of Australia

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