Last Wednesday, Ash Wednesday to be exact lent started. In the next six weeks until Easter many people decide to give up something, this can be alcohol, candy or junkfood. Ultimately lent is obviously a religious tradition, which may not resonate with everyone however I feel like especially over the last few years is has become an increasing trend to partake in lent.

I personally have always given up something for lent together with my family and I think it is a great way to reevaluate and understand how dependent we are on certain things. I think this is especially important in societies like Western Europe or the United States, where we are presented with such an abundance, choice and sensory overload at all times, that truly abstaining from things is not something we come across every day. I feel like giving up certain luxury goods or even plastic can both show us how much we take them for granted and how hard it is to not have access to whatever we want at any point. To understand this and especially feeling this even for a limited period of six weeks can truly impact our understanding of accessibility and necessity.

I have usually given up candy and junkfood for lent, since for me that is mainly what I struggle with or what I personally use to deal with stressful times or emotions and I think it is good for me to detach from that and find other coping mechanisms. I also feel like this type of food is an intense luxury and mindless bingeing is something so many of us in "Western" societies struggle with. We never have to endure real hunger, we tend to overeat or eat the wrong foods and/or starve ourselves while millions and millions of people all over the world starve, do not have access to even the most basic of food or have to undergo intense efforts to sustain food.

As said earlier traditionally lent starts on Ash Wednesday, but with me only coming back home to Germany on Saturday I wanted to both indulge on some of my favourite Aussie snacks as well as have some of my favourite German goodies. See how privileged I am? I even get to make exceptions for myself for when I give up certain foods. So maybe you have forgotten about lent or you have never done it before or you dislike the religious aspect of it. But maybe we as a community can give up something until Easter. I personally think it helps to have a set framework as well as partners in crime when trying something like this, so maybe even if you are not religious lent is a possibility for this.

I truly think it can teach us many things and even can make the world a better place if we even for only six weeks we try to understand what so many people cannot even choose to give up, how dependent we are on certain things or to see how difficult it can be to abstain or let go of using some things on the daily such as social media or plastic. Let me know if you want to give up something for lent and if no why not and if yes what it is in the comments. What are your thoughts on lent unnecessary tradition or a good way to reevaluate your privileges and dependencies?

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