Canggu seems to be the new hotspot in Bali. Contrary to Seminyak and Kuta Canggu has not been completely taken over by tourists, while offering great surf beaches, amazing cafés and restaurants and a vibrant nightlife. I did really enjoy Canggu (even without surfing) and think it would be perfect for a relaxed two week vacation or a girl´s trip. Some of Bali´s hottest new beach clubs and cafés are opening here, but you may still be lucky enough to discover some hidden treasures of your own.


I said La Pange on Nusa Lembongan was one of my favourite hostels in Bali, but La Boheme in Canggu is equally high up on the list. The little courtyard with a beautiful pool and lounge area, the pastel coloured umbrellas and the free all day pancakes simply sold me. Especially after a long night out in Canggu this hostel is perfect, since you have everything you need right here and can just lounge around in the courtyard all day. If you feel like making your way out, the beach and multiple cafés and restaurants are in walking distance and the city centre is a 30 minute walk or ten minute scooter ride away. I really, really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and the privacy this little refuge offers.
However if you are more into a party vibe, my friends stayed at Lay Day Surf Hostel and absolutely loved it. There are collective predrinks at the pool bar every night and everyone tends to go out together. I very much enjoyed coming here for predrinks and really liked how easy it was to get to know people here, but I personally just can´t do party hostels anymore #grannylife Lay Day is a little out of town, but as long as you have your trusted scooter you are good to go.


Canggu is a foodie´s paradise. I absolutely LOVED every single place we went to and still had so many places I wanted to try.


The Loft Bali - an absolutely Instaworthy café with amazing smoothie bowls and crazy lattes. The breakfast wrap was also mindblowing and I am still so in love with their decor, the palm spoons and their sprinkle coated caramel latte.

Strawberry Fields - if there is a more perfect spot for hangover brunches I have yet to find it. While this little Aussie café may be a little on the pricier side I am pretty sure their beer battered fries and poached eggs have saved my life after a night out. The food here is a little too much in the absolute best way and offers all the brunch choices your heart could wish for alongside burgers, loaded fries and crazy cocktails if you are into a little hair of the dog.

Avocado Factory - an entire café centered around the millenial´s favourite green breakfast item. The views over the rice fields are gorgeous and the eggs benedict with Avocado are beyond delicious.


Copenhagen - The cinnamon rolls here are supposedly to die for. I sadly have not made it, but heard so much about it I had to include it. 

Roti Canai Street Kitchen - A perfect on the go: the deliciously filled rotis from this little restaurant. Even though the café itself my be packed, you can always get the to go option and devour it on the beach.

Bali Bowls and Smoothies - This beautiful little café offers beyond delicious vegan and vegetarian food. The wrap I had here absolutely blew my mind and the vegan curry was equally amazing. 


The Shady Shack - This restaurant is simply stunning and you get to dine under fairylights in luscious green trees. Their menu is completely vegetarian and I absolutely loved the nachos and the halloumi burgers here. I am still not fully convinced by jackfruit, but I did not need a lot of convincing for the roasted potatoes with garlic mayo. Also a pretty perfect spot for a date if you ask me

Warung Gouthe - This hidden gem remains my ABSOLUTE favourite spot for food in Bali. The dinner we had here was simply mind-blowing and the salad I had here may have been the best salad I have ever had. You can also choose your fish or meat to be prepared right in front of your eyes and as a fries connoisseur I give the fries at this establishment a wholehearted 11/10.


Canggu has some amazing beach clubs. I personally have never really understood why you would pay money to get to use a pool right by a beach that is completely free, but I did really enjoy going out here. Places like La Brisa and The Lawn are absolutely stunning, but a day bed here will cost you a whopping million Rupias or 60 Euros for a day. However all of the clubs are open for the public at night and while drinks here are still ridiculous with the right amount of cocktails at predrinks you get to soak in the scenery for a fraction of the price. And once the beach clubs close make sure to head over to Old Man´s, where you can dance on the beach until dawn. 

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