I am still in awe over the amazing and loving response I got, when I was sharing some of the ways I practise self care on tough days on my Instagram story. You guys were not only understanding how I felt, you truly related, some of you even said you felt helped and understood. People relating to my texts, feeling like someone is listening or like they have received help still baffles me and makes me all tear eyed and giddy. So fist of all: THANK YOU, it truly means so much to me.
From this experience I have decided to start a little challenge for all of us. From Monday the 14th of January for four full weeks so for 28 days, we will focus on loving our self a little harder, taking care of ourselves a little better and building habits, which will benefit us. I am so excited to start this project with you guys, to motivate each other and to share pieces of advice.
What I want you to do is complete one little task every day. They may seem small, but after four weeks all of these little acts of kindness to yourself will add up and hopefully lead to liking yourself a little more, loving yourself a little harder, being a little kinder to yourself. I will publish one blog post a day for the next four weeks to help you with your tasks and make you feel a little more motivated and obviously to share my own struggles - and wins - along the way. I am also working on templates for your instagram stories that you can share so we can all connect. I would LOVE if you want to share your journey with me and others, so please send me pictures or texts or mails or if you feel like it tage me in your posts about this challenge. I think it would be super cool if we were all to use the hashtag #my28dayselflovejourney if we decide to share on social media, so you can find like minded people, who are handling the same tasks and work towards the same goal as you do. I am beyond excited for the next four weeks and can´t wait to check in with you guys over time. I am so proud of all of you for doing this, for taking better care of yourself and through being kinder to yourself become happier, more relaxed and last but not least a better friend, daughter, mother, lover... Because I truly believe once we truly love ourselves we can spread that love, share it with others and live happier, more fulfilled lives. So here is your schedule for the next four weeeks:

DAY 1 - Write down every single thing you like about yourself. Keep the list somewhere, but don´t look at it until the end of this 28 days.
DAY 2 - Meditate for 10 minutes.
DAY 3 - Do Yoga for 30 minutes. Either go to a class or find an online class you like.
DAY 4 - Take yourself on a date. Wether it´s a coffee or lunch, treat yourself to something nice and enjoy some time with just yourself.
DAY 5 - Have a home spa night, make yourself a nice hairmask, paint your nails, watch your favourite cheesy movie.
DAY 6 - Make sure to drink at least two liters of waters today. Keep those organs hydrated.
DAY 7 - Cook yourself your favourite meal or get your favourite take out.
DAY 8 - Go on a nice long walk on your lunch break
DAY 9 - Take 30 minutes today for a hobby you like but have been "too busy" to do. This can be painting, bullet journaling, reading a good book...
DAY 10 - Get up 15 minutes earlier today to have a nice healthy breakfast and a good coffe (or tea) in peace.
DAY 11 - Put on your favourite feel good outfit.
DAY 12 - Try out something new today, which you always wanted to do. Maybe that is going to that hip new café you always wanted to try, or cooking that complicated dish or going to the workout class you were too scared to look clumsy in. You got this girl!
DAY 13 - Stand in the front of the mirror and say three nice things to yourself first thing in the morning.
DAY 14 - Medidate for 15 minutes.
DAY 15 - Work out today for 30 minutes. This can be a long walk, or a run or pilates. Get those endorphins flowing!
DAY 16 - Buy something nice for your flat. Maybe a new plant, maybe a candle that smells nice, something that makes your home more cozy and more you!
DAY 17 - Meet up with a friend, who really makes you feel good. Get some cofffee or dinner and have a nice long talk.
DAY 18 - Write down 5 things you are thankful for.
DAY 19 - Meal prep some healthy lunches for the week, so you don´t spend money eating out or eating junk.
DAY 20 - Have a big closet clean out. Throw away all of those old shirts, bags and faded socks you don´t wear anymore anyways.
DAY 21 - Only speak kindly to yourself for an entire day. Try to keep this up for a week.
DAY 22 - Do Yoga for 45 minutes.
DAY 23 - Watch your favourite silly show.
DAY 24 - In situations you have been talking to yourself in a mean way, imagine your baby self and wonder if you would speak to her or him that way.
DAY 25 - Put on your favourite happy playlist. Dance it out for 10 minutes.
DAY 26 - Get outside today. Go to a park or a lake or take a long walk in the woods.
DAY 27 - Make yourself a real weekend breakfast or go out to brunch with your friends.
DAY 28 - Write down all the things you like about yourself. Check back with your list from four weeks ago. Did it get a little longer?


Alongside these tasks I want to focus on a specific topic every Sunday. Some of you were so brave to share the struggles they experience with me and I want to honour that by going in a little more detail for these topics. If you also have a specific struggle, that you think a little extra work would help with please always feel free to message me! I hope we can keep this Selfcare Sundays going throughout this year even when this little challenge is over. So far I am planning more detailed posts about:
  • Body image/positivity
  • Self doubt and intrusive thoughts
  • Taking me time
  • Coping with an insecure future

I am actually buzzing to start this challenge with you lovely people and can´t wait for Monday. Before we all get started I want you to sit down and find a reason to commit to this challenge, kind of like a mantra that you will stick to for the next four weeks. This could be "I want to learn to love myself" or "I want to find ways to feel better everyday" or "I want to learn how to be kinder to myself when I fail". If you want share your resolution with me and others, or just write it down in a notebook and keep it to yourself. I want this to be a little reminder and a motivation for you to focus completely on you and the relationship with yourself for the next 28 days.
Now I am off to celebrate my second ever summer birthday, which is a huge deal for someone who usually has to celebrate in the most depressing of all months: January. I love you and I am so excited for Monday!  

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