Today we´ll be talking meditation. I have already talked about the benefits of it multiple times on this blog and my Instagram and it was also one of the tips most of you guys commented on, saying it helped you as well. Meditation quickly gets a light touch of Hippie humbo jumbo and I think that is why many people knock it before they try it. Plus obviously is not the easiest. In a world full of distractions, with flashing phone screens at all times, with a lifetime of series and
movies and music at the touch of a button, with our attention span being too short to even finish a two minute video, sitting in absolute silence, just you and your thoughts for ten minutes seems daunting. I would still love for you to try it today. It´s only 10 minutes. And it will help you so much.  I am not just saying this out of my own experience, I am saying this because it has been scientifically proven that meditation helps. And if after today you still decide meditation is not for you, well good. I won´t force you to do it, I´ll just give you some helpful tools, that helped me to make meditation a habit:
1. Do it immediately when you wake up. But I am tired then! Well yes. But you also are not fully immersed in the stress of the day, it sets you up perfectly and you may as well use that time you usually spend scrolling Instagram for this.

2. Use an App. I really only tried Headspace, so I´ll recommend that. There are plans you have to pay for, but the 10 in 10 plan is free, only takes 10 minutes (or 3 or 5) and gives you all the basic insights into meditation over the course of 10 days.

3. Watch this video, it really explains it all so well and has really helped me:

4. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Meditation is a bit like a workout: Very difficult in the beginning, always helping and almost addictive once you regularly do it. The first few times you may feel silly. You may be bored. And you may still feel this way after doing it for years. Because it will be different every time, because we feel and think differently every day. So get ready to sometimes hate it, sometimes love it and sometimes just finding it okay.

5. See it as a tool to understand yourself better. You may ask: why am I doing this? But really when was the last time you sat down, became quiet and looked at your thought patterns. Not judging them, not trying to change them, simply looking and acknowledging them? Well then how can you really know how you feel? Really get comfortable with it? That is what meditation is for.

Good luck babes. I hope you have a great time meditating. And I hope you enjoy it and make it part of your daily routine.

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