Hey there beautiful! It´s the first Day of our 28 Days of Self Love and I am so proud of you for showing up, for deciding to do this and actually following through. Today´s challenge is to write down every single thing you love about yourself. I want you to truly take time for this, to sit down without distractions and don´t walk away after a few minutes.

Loving ourselves is hard. Not because we are horrible people, but because we live in a society, that regards loving yourself as arrogant or self absorbed. I will never get over how normal it is to tell other people how much you hate yourself, or your body or the things we do and how negatively we often react when people speak positively about themselves. We are sometimes even careful to share our successes so we do not seem arrogant, but are happy to blast our failures out into the world. So when you sit down for this list please do not give into this feeling of guilt. Society shames and pressures us not to like ourselves, which I personally believe is in large part to sell us all products. Let´s be honest if we would be a little more cool with little wiggles and rolls and dimples on our bodies we would not buy absolute bullshit like Fit Teas, or spend millions on gym memberships or try every overpriced  face mask on the planet. Many industries exist, because of people disliking themselves and obviously they will enhance and strengthen our insecurities and tell us they will solve them for us. We all have this thinking of not being good enough deeply engrained in us, which I still think is absolutely terrifying, but we can slowly and surely decide to get out of this hamster wheel of self loathing. This may be your first step. So you are not arrogant for loving yourself. You are amazing and you deserve to feel good about yourself! I am absolutely convinced you are, because I think every single human being is. You were only sold the idea that you are not worth to love yourself by people, who are keen to make money. And do you really want to make those type of people feel better and get richer of you feeling shit about yourself? I don´t think so. I personally like to imagine assholes like the dude, who owns Abercrombie & Fitch benefitting from me disliking myself, which immediately makes it a lot easier to not want to buy into that anymore.

If you are really, really struggling with this list, it may be easiest to start with how you behave in relationships. For example you could say "I love that I am a good listener", "I love that I am always there for my friends" or "I love how good I am at keeping in touch". I also want you to put in some physical aspects. This is usually the hardest for most of us, since we think it makes us seem vain. Well fuck it. Be a little vain. You have probably told your little poor belly and thighs you hate them a million times over your life, so you can at least be nice to your sparkling eyes or long hair and hopefully grow into liking your entire body over time. So try to come up with a few physical attributes. I don´t think that makes you arrogant, I think that makes you very, very strong. And also I think you are a total babe. So if all else fails you can write that down at the top of your list: "Céline thinks I am a total babe." 
I would love to see what you love about yourself in the comments here or on your other social media. Here are some things (phyiscal and non physical) I love about myself:

1. I love that I continue to start over, try new things and explore the world even though I am beyond terrified every single time I do it.
2. I love that I am very open and can make friends anywhere.
3. I love that my friends feel like they can tell me anything and open up to me.
4. I love my hair and how blonde it gets in summer.
5. I love that I trust my gut and do what I want to do instead of following rules all the time.

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  1. Wow, you have impressing characteristics! I think I'm happy with my courage and that I don't care about people.
    xx Rena


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