Uluwatu is getting increasingly popular with tourists visiting Bali, thanks to its marvellous beaches, impressive cliffs and a growing number of bars, restaurants, cafés and beach clubs. When I decided to head to Uluwatu as my first stop it was mostly because it was relatively close to the airport in Bali and I have never been here before. I actually got beyond lucky, because not only was Uluwatu absolutely breathtaking, but I met two amazing guys here that I would end up travelling with for almost the entirety of my trip However beyond great company Uluwatu has loads to offer and should definitely be part of your Bali itinerary.


Being on a budget for this trip (and realistically for life lol shoutout to my fellow social sciences graduates) I chose a hostel. And as almost every other traveller, who fails to organise adequately before their trip I mainly chose the hostel I stayed at based on reviews on Hostelworld: SR Hostel has  raving reviews and actually was a lovely first stop for any solo traveller.
The only downside is the relatively remote location if you like me have decided against renting your own scooter. Bali is terrible in terms of public transport and almost everyone I met rented a scooter to cruise the island. However meeting a Canadian girl during my first trip who shattered her knee on the first day after flying 24 hours and the continous display of scraped chins, elbows, arms and large bandages have cured me from that desire pretty quickly. Thus choosing hostels located pretty central would have been the smart move, but I am really happy I ended up in this little outpost.
The staff is absolutely lovely and beyond friendly, from time to time the owner will take a bunch of guests to one of the gorgeous beaches in his own car and -this actually is the killer argument for me- there is a FREE DINNER every single night.Many hostels have free breakfasts, but you only need to eat about two to three dry toasts with prepackaged jam to know that´s not really where it´s at. Free dinner on the other hand brings everyone in the hostel together at night, when people actually want to meet others, it starts conversations and makes the transition into going out much easier. Plus the dinner at SR hostel was absolutely delicious and included an array of choices for carnivores, veggies and vegetarians. Additionally there is beer pong almost every night plus a shuttle service to different beach clubs around the area, getting you there and back safely and also stopping at a burger place on the way back so you are sorted for the night out munchies. The combination of all of this makes it a beyond social hostel, ideal for solo travellers who want to meet people quickly and for around 8 Euros a night in a six bed dorm including the free dinner it is an absolute bargain as well. 


The gorgeous views from the cliffs of Uluwatu makes its beaches so special. There are so many beautiful ones that it may take you multiple trips to check them all. The north of the peninsula is home to a majority of the cafés and restaurants, since the surf here is apparently better (how would I know but anyhoo), but I really, really love Melasti beach on the south side of the island and would highly recommend it. When going to the north we popped by Padang Padang and we also caught the sunset at Suluban beach, which was gorgeous.

Food and Drink

There is an intense amount of brunch places in Bali and there are so many great ones, but I did really, really love Suka Espresso. The choice of dishes was insane and if I could get back to those banana strawberry pancakes right this minute, trust me I would. They also had really good coffee, which is molto importante for any caffein addict like me so it´s a 10/10 for me. We also stopped and had a burger at Outside Corner, which was pretty solid.
There is a ton of beach bars along the coast and the view might be worth the steep price and wait for a seat for some, but realistically instead of waiting in line at Single Fin just get a Bintang at a local shop and make your way down the stairs to the beach. Spectacular views. a quiet beach and as many drinks as you can carry almost for free. However do go to the beach clubs at night, when there is no minimum spending and if you get hammered enough at predrinks you can have a relatively cheap night in beautiful locations. Just make sure you let someone else hold onto your wallet until after you are back in the Uber home, because drink prices here are beyond steep (16 Euro Aperol Spritz holler at me). Single Fin is famous for its Sunday sesh and I really, really enjoyed my night at Ulu Cliff House, despite the fact that I was broke after that one Spritz. 

Last but not least...

Brunching, beaching and beer pong are absolutely wonderful activities for a Bali trip, but you may want to also soak up some culture. The Uluwatu temple on top of a cliff is one of the largest in Bali (which is impressive for an island with more than 20 000 of them). The views and little gardens around the temples are beautiful and the entrance is almost free. You can get a Sarong for free and rock the flattering combo of purple and orange, while exploring.

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