Through February, March and April I have been doing the infamous Bikini Body Guide (BBG) by Kayla Itsines. It is a 12-week workout programme, consisting of three circuit sessions and additional cardio every week. To be honest this programme is quite exhausting, but I honestly loved it as it is exactly the type of workout I personally enjoy: high intensity, short sessions. Basically you do two seven minute long circuits with four exercises each, usually one session focusing on legs and cardio, one for arms and abs and one full body workout for the first eight weeks and then one for legs, one for arms and one for abs for weeks nine through twelve. Every workout is 28 minutes of actual workout and then 30 seconds to two minutes of rest between circuits.
The first eight weeks you also are supposed to do Low Intensity Steady State cardio sessions two to three times a week, which are usually 40 minutes power walks. In the last four weeks you also add one or two High Intensity Intervall sessions, which are ten to fifteen minutes of 30 second sprints, followed by 30 seconds at a lower pace.

To be honest I mainly tried to do the workouts three times a week and skipped on cardio quite a bit. However I still usually worked out three to five times a week during these twelve weeks and developed not only a regular gym routine, but better eating habits and a healthy morning routine as well. My body is so much more toned than it used to be, I feel so much fitter and healthier plus I lost about five kilos and fit into my clothes so much better again.
As I mentioned before I truly love the workouts, because they challenge me a lot plus they are comparatively short. It is much easier for me to do a ten minute warm up on the stair machine and then a 30 to 36 minute workout instead of a two hour lifting session. Plus I honestly get so bored with weight lifting and I will use every chance I get to just get out of working out, scroll through my phone or just drift off, which may be possible during a weight lifting session, but not necessarily if you are busy not dying during your seven minute circuit.

Kayla´s programme was a wonderful way for me to get back on track with my health. She has published a diet plan along with her workout guide, but I did not follow it. I also did not really count calories and I was definitely still indulging a lot, eating out with friends and having all the carbs in the world. However for lent this year, which started on March 1st and ended April 16th I gave up fried foods, chocolate and candy and this led to me generally making better choices with my food.
I am an absolute foodie, I love cooking, I love eating out and I love the social aspect of food. I just can´t and don´t want to stick to a crazy restrictive diet, but I also notice how much better I feel when I eat healthier. I truly feel like I found a good balance, eating healthy 80 per cent of the time and indulging and really enjoying the other 20 per cent. I cook most of my meals myself, I have a green smoothie every morning, I enjoy Quinoa, salads and fresh veggies and I love the sight of a fridge stocked with healthy food. And I especially love that this is a part of taking care of my body and showing it my love, which is what fitness and health is all about for me.

I usually worked out in the mornings and have developed a morning routine around it as well, that allows for massive self care and me time before the clock hits 10 am. I get all of the things that are important to me like meditation, my workout and a gratitude list in before I really start my day. Currently my mornings basically look like this:

7:30 get up
do Yoga for 10 minutes
meditate for 10 minutes
oil pull while getting ready
skin care routine, put on gym clothes
make coffee and a green smoothie for breakfast 
floss and brush teeth
have a liter of water with the juice of half a lemon before coffee and food
eat my breakfast while watching the news
write down my to do list for the day and all the things I am thankful for
read my affirmations (positive things about myself and the ideal life I imagine for myself)
8:45 head to the gym
shower, put on make up
10:00 get my actual day started

I want to the BBG again and this time also include the cardio portion, but Kayla has just come out with loads of new workout plans on her App, one which is all about Yoga and which I am really keen on trying as I am very focused on mindfulness this year. So I will probably do the Yoga plan on her App for the remaining month of my three month trial period and then pick up BBG again around July.
I will continue to not restrict myself, I will not refrain from going to the school cafeteria with my friends or have a brownie when I am at a birthday party, but I will try to feed my body the nutrients and minerals it needs. So for example I have one green smoothie made of one banana, a big handful of spinach, two spoons of mixed berries and water every morning. For lunch I will usually have a potato vegetable curry, Quinoa salads, burrito bowls, noodle salads or anything else delicious and soup or salads for dinners. I try to mainly snack on fruits, vegetables and veggies and limit my processed foods to a minimum. I do not cut anything out of my diet completely, I enjoy everything in moderation and will listen to my body, meaning I will eat more when I am hungry and stop when I am full. I do not take any supplements like protein power, but I did take Vitamin D throughout the winter.

If you are interested I can do more detailed What I eat in a Day-posts and I also plan to do weekly posts about doing BBG the second time around. Would you be interested in that?
I honestly feel like I have found a really good balance and a routine that truly makes me happy. I enjoy the workouts I do, they are simply part of my daily routine and nothing I question or despise. In enjoy the food I eat and I am not dependent on junk food to feel good. Food is something I will always enjoy, but now I use it to make my body feel good, not to deal with my emotions. On the other hand I have found the power of a good workout, when I am sad or angry and truly miss working out when I go for too long without it.
Has anyone of you tried BBG and if yes what was your experience? Or what is the workout and diet routine that works best for you personally? I am really excited to hear your thoughts!

PS: If you want to try Kayla´s programme, you can currently test it for 12 weeks for only one Euro! Simply click here.

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  1. Hey du Liebe! Jetzt habe ich endlich mal wieder Zeit ausführlich hier zu stöbern! :) Ich muss dir sagen, dass ich SO begeistert von von all deinen Artikeln, Bildern und vor allem den Gedanken und erfahrungen, die du hier mir uns teilst. :) Falls du mal wieder in Hamburg sein solltest. Würde ich mich RIESIG über einen gemeinsamen Kaffee freuen - das letzte Mal ist sicher schon 3 oder 4 Jahre her, oder? :)

    Liebste Grüße,

  2. Sehr spannender Beitrag! Ich habe auch immer mal wieder mit dem BBG angefangen, aber leider nie geschafft ihn durchzuziehen. Mir sind die Workouts nämlich oft zu anstrengend, dann geht der Spaß auch schnell flöten! Außerdem kann ich mich nicht dazu motivieren Übungen alleine zu machen, ich brauche immer eine Gruppe dafür, die mich motiviert. Aber ich finde es interessant die Erfahrungen anderer Menschen zu lesen :) Übrigens finde ich deinen Tagesablauf sehr inspirierend – Respekt dafür, dass du das durchziehst!

    Liebe Grüße,
    Eleonora von from the outset // personal lifestyle blog

    PS. Dein Blogname ist super! 😊

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