Over the last years I have spent countless long weekends all over Europe and being the cheap German soul that I am, I have very rarely used more than the included carry-on luggage. Last summer I have spent eight days in Madrid and Paris and I was totally fine with my beloved Lonchamp weekender. I bought this bag, when I was only 15 years old and it has been the most reliable travel companion over the years, visiting London, Prague, Dublin and Barcelona with me, additionally to countless trips all over Germany. Here are my ten tips to fit an entire week into one bag.

1. Get a weekender and not a suitcase. Squeezing in way too much is way easier, when your bag is at least flexible.
2. Make a list before your trip, planning an outfit for everyday. This ensures that you neither under- nor overpack, but bring just enough clothes.
3. Bring one or two extra outfits and make sure one of them is a party look. This way if there is a horrible pasta sauce incident or you get drenched in rain you have a back up and you will look cute, when going out as well.
4. Accessories! You may go ahead and only bring white tops and black jeans and make them look completely new everyday if you make sure to leave some space in your bag for a nice hat, a cute belt or a headscarf.
5. Bring things, that you can reuse for different looks. Make sure you take the basics such as a nice pair of jeans, well fitting shorts, a white blouse and a little black dress and then plan your looks around them.
6. Leave some room for shopping. This sounds ridiculous if you only have a carry-on, but honestly the mistake we almost all make is over estimating how much we need for a weekend getaway and you will be happy to have some room left for new favourites.
7. Take a maximum of two pairs of shoes. Honestly who really needs high heels on a night out ever? And will you not be fine with one pair of sandals? Shoes take up way too much space and are incredibly heavy so minimize.
8. Roll your clothes instead of folding them, you will fit way more.
9. If your airline allows you a purse plus a carry-on (aka if they are not as greedy as easyjet) make sure you fill up that baby as well.
10. If you are a bookworm like me bring one very thick, very good book and find second hand bookstores during your trip, where you can often buy books and return them after you read them and get half your money back.

What are you favourite tips and tricks for travelling light?

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  1. this is a nice post
    new post:http://melodyjacob1.blogspot.com/2015/06/luggage-cover.html

  2. I love this post, your tips are great!! I always struggle to fit everything in my carry on, but your list definitely makes it easier!!:) X

  3. Those are some very good tips! I never heard of bookstores like these, but then again I usually just go to the library, where my 10€ yearly fee covers everything I want to read. I'd love to see another post like this, where your actually show the contents of your bag. Yep, I'm nosy like that, hehehe ♥

  4. Good Tips!! Read it with great interest =)))

    With love, Nastya Deutsch ♡

  5. such a lovely post <3



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