Every single time I do one of this monthly summary posts I am just beyond amazed about how quickly time flies by. So many things happened within the span of one month, that it seems like it an eternity and like it was gone in the blink of an eye at the same time.
April started in the most amazing way with a week spent all over Scotland in a huge groups of exchange girls. I loved finding little Harry Potter references all over Edinburgh, drinking cheap wine in our pjs, the feeling of a class trip in a huge dorm room with 10 girls, prancing in the Highlands and living the wine mom life in Glasgow. It was such a nice trip with so many late night talks and so many amazing experiences. Especially when you move as much as I do, most of your friendships may not be as deep, as you simply do not have enough time and trust for actual heartfelt conversations, but during this trip I really feel like we all bonded a lot more and I loved it.
After Scotland the boyfriend hopped over the pond for the second time and just three days after he left my dad and his wife visited. It was just really good to have them here. I have some of the most amazing friends and family in the world and while I am obviously beyond thankful for our Skype calls and constant chats, there is nothing that can compare to actual conversations and having your loved ones around. Next to that those visits were a great way of procrastinating uni work. Anyone else in the final breaths of their semester at the moment?
So overall I had a great April. But obviously an expat life or starting over about every six months is not the easiest. I miss my friends both from Germany and Malmö a lot, I am very close with my parents and often wish I could go home more often and sometimes it is all a little much. This month I have been a bit more down than usually, even though so many great things happened and in a way it is nice now to just be home with my family and getting to spend a little more time with the loverboy.
What I basically want to say with this post is that even if you have a great life and you are genuinely happy, you might have dark episodes and you might get sad and that´s okay. Emotions are not a logical process, you just feel them and you should not feel like you can´t express them or like you need to suppress them. Just like you shouldn´t have to explain when you are happy, you shouldn´t have to explain when you are sad. I am generally a very positive person, but I also (like many people) deal with episodes of depression and I used to feel like I was not allowed to feel bad, because so many good things happen in my life. But that´s not how people work, happiness is an emotion not a constant state you are in and like Meredith Grey said: "Not everybody has to be happy all the time. That´s not mental health. That´s crap."
I hope you all are doing okay, and if you are not I hope it gets better soon. I am already feeling a lot more relaxed and happy simply by spending some quality time with my loved ones and being done with some of my uni assignments. Hopefully you get to relax a little bit as well and I hope you are dealing with finals better or at least as good as I do. How has your April been? Let me know in the comments! For now here is a spam of my Instagram pictures of the month.

Harry Potter, cheap wines, a hike and Nessie -Really couldn´t have asked for more...

... but I also got gloomy castles, breathtaking views, faeiry pools and a picture perfect beginning of spring.

Instead of doing actual work for uni I took way too many selfies...

...and also ate loads of food (who would have guessed)

Other favourites included looking like a hippie child, dreaming of future houses in Notting Hill, working out and tripping along the coast...

as well as long breakfasts for two.

I finished off April with a trip to family friends in the Cotswolds, Pizza in a church, missing my Malmö girls and a trip home to Germany.

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8 Kommentare

  1. Sehr schöner Post und tolle Fotos! Ich möchte auch unbedingt mal nach Schottland. Ich habe generell totales Fernweh, wahrscheinlich etwa so viel, wie du momentan Heimweh hast. Und mit dem was du über Happiness geschrieben hast, hast du auch vollkommen recht. "Happiness is an emotion, ot a constant stat of mind". Das muss ich mir auch immer öfter in Erinnerung rufen.
    Ich hoffe es geht dir gut im schönen England und du vergisst das Heimweh ganz schnell :)

  2. Hab gerade deinen Blog entdeckt und spannend deine Beiträge verfolgt :) Ruft bei mir alte Erinnerungen hervor da ich bis Februar in London gelebt habe und ähnlich viele tolle Erfahrungen genießen durtfe. :)

    Liebe Grüße,


  3. Ich kann so gut nachvollziehen, was du schreibst. Einerseits haben wir Fernweh, andererseits ist es schade, ständig Freunde hinter uns zu lassen, neue Leute kennen zu lernen/kennen lernen zu müssen. Aber am Ende überwiegt bei mir die Wanderlust. Du ziehst natürlich noch etwas öfter um.
    Mein April war gut, ich habe tolle Reisen gemacht und viel organisiert - mein Visum für die USA bekommen :-).
    Viele Grüße

  4. I agree with you, tim flies so fast! I think you're right, you shouldn't feel guilty when you feel sad because in its globality, your life is so nice; you'll always find worst than you and that's a fact, but you actually don't need a reason to be sad, it just feels that way sometimes, as you said! I understand why you feel sad when you haven't your family around, as I am pretty close to mine I can imagine I would have some sadness episodes if I were far away from them (which will happen, but hey)
    Anyway your photos are so nice, and I want to go to Scotland now - and your selfie is great !
    - x

  5. Dein Essen sieht fantastisch lecker aus :-*

  6. Das sieht nach einem schönen April aus. Hach, Schottland, da möchte ich auch unbedingt mal hin. :)

  7. Hey Céline,

    du lebst wirklich ein aufregendes Leben. Nichtsdestotrotz, ich glaube egal wie toll das Leben scheint und auch ist, man hat hin und wieder immer so eine depressive Phase. Andernfalls würde "glücklich sein" der Normalzustand und - so traurig das auch ist - wir würden unser Glück nicht mehr schätzen können.
    Bin gespannt was du im Mai alles erlebst!
    Liebe Grüße :)


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