It´s been over a month since I posted my first Love your Body better post and I am still so happy about you guys´ feedback on it. I have since then tried to just be nicer to my body, which obviously meant trying to eat better foods and actually going to the gym more (while still indulging because I am not about that restricted life), but I think the most important of this entire process was to actually accept my body the way it is and loving it fully.
I have tried not to say bad things about my appearance anymore and I can´t believe how much better I feel through just this change in mindset. I used to look at myself and call my rolls disgusting, labelled myself as not good enough and I often was close to crying in changing rooms, when I had to see my body. I think girls are so wound up in worrying about our looks and never being satisfied with them, so used to only using negative adjectives, when we talk about ourselves that we do not notice how bad this constant negative mindset makes us feel. I feel like the actual problem is not how we really look, but how we work with what we got and the constant dissatisfaction with our looks and bodies. We constantly talk about how unhappy we are with ourselves with our friends and getting yourself down is definitely more accepted than saying you think you look good. Remember that scene from Mean Girls where they all say how much they hate themselves? Even though that was meant to be funny, that´s honestly how most girly conversations go! We really should change that, because honestly it makes you feel so shit to be like that. Other people (except for fuckboys in school days) have never really told me, that I should change the way I look, I did!
I started to look at my body and say nice things and it has made me so much happier. Right after I started this series, we managed to drop our shower curtain and (THE HORROR) I had to look at myself in the mirror while showering. Usually I would bitch about my little buldge and my love handles, but that morning I just thought: honestly my tummy is cute as hell and my butt looks great. In my most challenging gym class full of really fit, toned people  (I mean damn,some of them have six packs!) I managed to look in the mirror and look at my thighs and instead of thinking "Oh man I am so much bigger than these girls" I thought "These little fatties and I can manage an entire class in here and we are doing fucking great!".
Obviously it will take a while to get rid of these patterns of thinking, but just try not to say anything mean about yourself for an entire day. Then try doing it for two or three days, even a week. Changing the way you look should always come from a place of self love, not from outside pressure or hating your body. It has helped me immensely to start reading blogs that focus on Body Positivity instead of self hate and I thought I would share three of my favourites with you today. A click on the pictures should get you straight to their blogs or Youtube channels. Let me know how being nicer to yourself is going and share your favourite blogs in the comments if you want to!

Kambria suffered from binge eating disorder for quite a while and posts amazing recipe videos and easy tips for starting a healthier life style. But what I mainly love about her videos is that she also talks about loving your body the way it is and mental health as a huge part of being healthy, instead of just focusing on that super slim body and never ever indulging. She is a very religious person, which can be a little off putting if you like me are not, but I still really like her positive attitude and the recipes she posts.

Sarah is an absolutely gorgeous plus-size blogger with amazing outfits. I think it is so important to see other body types represented in your daily life, apart from the typical model and seeing someone with curves just fucking rocking her looks is amazing. She also has a wonderful Youtube-channel where she speaks about body positivity and not letting others take advantage of you. I just loved her Dear Fat Girl series and how confident and funny she is.

I read Kate´s Tumblr every single day. This lovely lady has not only taught me a lot about being positive and confident in yourself, she also speaks about so many social justice issues and feminism and is just in general kick-ass. Improving my feminism and learning more about things like body positivity, girl love and intersectionality is mainly thanks to her and I would recommend any girl to read her blog. Feminism honestly has helped me more than anything with self love and I am so tired of this stamina against the word, when it can honestly improve your life so, so much.

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  1. Ein wirklich super,super toller Blogpost.
    Ich finde es wirklich super das du hier so viele verschiedene Arten/typen von Bloggern vorstellst.
    Und mich beeindruckt bzw spricht sogar am meisten Sarah an.
    Wirklich super toll.

    Liebe Grüße Lisa

  2. Ein wundervoller Beitrag! <3

    Liebste Grüße,
    Lisa von

  3. This is the best blog entrie I've seen in a long, long time and I am so happy to hear you're able to accept your body now. I personally think you look absolutely fantastic, so yeah, go and love that body ♥♥♥ Also, thank you for sharing these blogs, I looked at all of them and think they are helpful and fun.

  4. I also love Kambria :) Your blog is so nice!


  5. es ist schön, dass du etwas so wichtiges hier auf deinem Blog teilst und damit irgendwie auch eine Vorbildfunktion übernimmst!
    ich schaue Kambrias Vlogs auf yt auch total gerne!

    <3 Tina


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