It´s the weekend guys so how about we treat ourself to some delicious pancakes? And how about these pancakes are fluffy, made up of only two ingredients, absolutely guilt free and so so delicious? Sounds too good to be true? But it isn´t. These pancakes are one of my absolute favourite breakfasts, when I have a little more time on my hands or want to make something special to treat myself. I have yet to meet someone who doesn´t like them and I hope you enjoy them as well. Don´t forget to use the hashtag #loveyourbodybetter if you make them and let me see and feature your photos. Hope you have an amazing weekend!

With this breakfast it´s easy to start your day with a smile, it´s already in the ingredients. All you need for the dough is two eggs and one banana. That´s enough for one person and if you want to make more just make sure you use double the amount of eggs as you use bananas.

1. Mash up your banana with a fork, crack in your eggs and mix until you get to a thick, dough-like consistency.
2. Use a good non-stick pan, put in a little oil of your choice (I like to use coconut oil for a little more flavour) and slowly cook your pancakes on low heat. You really, really need to be patient here or you might end up with pancake scramble (which will still taste good, but may not look as tasty). Keep your heat very low, maybe add in a little more oil if you need to and rather wait a little longer than to flip too early.
3. Serve with whatever floats your boat. I love it with fresh or frozen berries and a drizzle of honey. Cinnamon tastes great with it and if you add a little cocoa powder or chocolate chips into your dough you get chocolate pancakes!

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  1. This sounds so simple to make, but I am a bit scared to try these. Sadly, I despise the taste of egg. Do they taste very eggy? Or are they more on the sweet side (because there is a banana mashed up inside)? Anyway, thanks for sharing ♥


  2. I love your blog and this post it's just amazing!

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  3. It looks delicious! ;)
    And I'm following you, dear!

    Love, Maria

  4. Das sieht sehr lecker aus! Ich habe mich bisher nicht an die banana pancakes rangetraut, weil ich immer denke, dass die vielleicht leichter verbrennen.

  5. please follow my blog and ill follow you back :) x

  6. das rezept hab ichnauch schonmal ausprobiert, war sehr lecker :)


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