March was a super busy month for me! Next to having some beyond lovely visitors I have also been taking a very nice trip myself and headed to Barcelona and Dublin. While it was my second time in Barcelona (and I am working on a post about my tipps for this beautiful town), it was my first time ever not only in Dublin, but in the Republic of Ireland in general. And to top it all of I went to celebrate St. Patrick´s with all the Leprechauns and fairies and obviously as much Guiness and Whiskey as I could possibly find. I instantly fell in love with Dublin and not because Day time drinking really takes a toll on me!

Getting there

Our most beloved cheap airline Ryanair will get you to the beautiful green isle from all over Europe without making you loose too much of that Leprechaun gold from the end of the rainbow.
I took a flight from Barcelona to Dublin with Ryanair and three more or less short hours I was surrounded by lovely people with even lovelier accents. To get into town you can get a variety of buses, but the Airlink or 747 is probably the easiest and for only 6 Euros quite cheap as well. Taxis have no set price, but will run the Taximeter. Journeys into town will usually round up around 25 Euros.


Next to obviously wearing green and getting some cute little gimmicks to top off your outfit there are a few essential steps to take to make sure you have the best possible St. Patrick´s Day:

1. Book early! St. Patrick´s is obviously a huge tourist attraction and even at the end of January it will be almost impossible to get a somewhat central accommodation  We ended up staying at a lovely airbnb in Donabate a small town about 20 minutes and a 6 Euro return train ticket outside of Dublin. The rooms and our host were beyond lovely, but having to wait for over 30 minutes for a train after what feels like a gazillion pints of Guiness is not ideal to say the least.
2. Get your own drinks before the big day as stores do not sell alcohol before four on St. Paddy´s (no not even the shady ones!) and those bar drinks will add up. Also bring a convenient cup (like a to go coffee cup) as drinking in the streets is not permitted in Temple Bar.
3. Get to the bars early. Everyone starts drinking around 9 o´clock anyways so you might as well save yourselves the entries, that appeal at night and just get there bright and early as well. Have a big Irish fry up in the morning to coat your stomach and then let the world be your oyster. Enjoy the amazing parade that starts around 12 and has incredible costumes and music and then head off to wherever you think the Guiness will be the best (absolutely everywhere if you ask me). We just stumbled into the first bar we found in the Temple Bar area and had a great time and then somehow made our way to Dicey´s (only blurry memories of this), which was super cheap and had amazing music and a great crowd!


When you have somewhat recovered from St. Patrick´s, there is still so much to explore and enjoy in Dublin. Why not start the day off with a relaxed walk in Phoenix Park, one of Europe´s biggest parks? Supposedly you can even meet deer there, but I wasn´t that lucky. Obviously you cannot miss Trinity College, Dublin´s oldest university right in the centre of town. You might want to do this when you do not need to sleep off a hangover and get there early to be able to enter the famous library without waiting for ages and have a look at the famous book of Kells.
After celebrating him why not visit St. Patrick´s cathedral to get a better idea of him and Irish history? And definitely head to the gorgeous Dublin Castle and enjoy wandering around in rooms that could come straight from my 9 year old dreams. For just a Euro more you get a guided tour that let´s you see the base of the medieval towers and the chapel, which insides are entirely made of wood, which I would definitely recommend. You should also have another sober stroll around Temple Bar, as it is really a beautiful area and you might not have appreciated that enough the day before.


Ah my absolute favourite category. For a great breakfast try The Woollen Mills, a beautiful modern restaurant next to the River Liffey, with amazing service and delicious food.
While in Ireland you should definitely try Guiness pie, a traditional Irish food, which main ingredient is beef cooked in Guiness. It tastes best in an old little pub in Temple Bar and will make you feel alive again no matter how hard you went during St. Patrick´s. And if after all that you still feel a little sweet tooth in the afternoon head to one of the two sweet little cafés of Queen of Tarts for cakes that will blow your mind. One of them is directly opposite of the castle so a perfect stop after a long day of sightseeing to let cake and an Irish Coffee wake up your tired feet. If you are looking for a healthier treat check out Yogism in the beautiful George Street Arcades. Not only is their frozen yogurt absolutely delicious (especially the peanutbutter version!), but if you guess the weight of your serving size you get it for free!

I enjoyed every second of my trip to Dublin and I will definitely be back to explore more of this town. As one of my friends said if celebrating St. Patrick´s Day in Dublin is not on your bucket list, add it as soon as possible! Have you ever been to Dublin and if yes did you enjoy it as much as I did?

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  1. I just love Ireland, never been there, but surely gonna go. Maybe student exchange :') you're lucky!

  2. These are such beautiful pictures. Ireland is definitely on my list of places to visit one day.

  3. Wow, Dublin must be beautiful and even more on St. Patricks Day! I hope I can go there someday! Have a wonderful day,

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