One and a half months ago, on my first day as a 22 two year old I started this beautiful diary eager to fill it´s 365 pages with as many adventures as possible. Since then I have moved into the cosiest little house in Brighton, ate an humanly impossible amount of scones, explored Brighton´s beautiful vintage stores and cake shops, flew back to Germany for my brother´s sweet 16 and waved goodbye to my single girl status.
It have been a great couple of months so far in 2015 and so many more amazing things are to come. In march I will travel to Barcelona to see one of my best friends for the first time in two years and I will celebrate St.Patrick´s Day in Dublin for the first time in my life. In April I will go up to Scotland and explore Edinburgh, the Highlands and Glasgow and in June I will spend a week in Lisboa and on the beautiful Portuguese coast. All this plans are just for the first half of this year and it already sounds like it will be one of the best ones I have had so far. I am so excited to see Brighton in spring, for warm sun rays and flowers and ice cream by the beach. I just had a wonderful weekend with my best friend in the world and am aware of how lucky I am to have such amazing people in my life, that make all of the goodbyes so hard and I am so sure that the 365 pages of my diary will be filled to the brim with love, dreams, hopes and amazing memories. You will not get to read those pages, but here are some of my Instagram (@solske) snaps from the past two months, where I will also be documenting all future mischief that I am up to. What have you´ve been up to in 2015 you so far? I have been:

Loving every part of Brighton: the gorgeous pier, my lovely room and caramel cupcakes.

Spending the better part of my day eating (pictured here the foodilic buffet and vegan pancakes), taking the first outfit pictures in forever and getting back on track with uniwork after ages.

Enjoying the most british Saturday, exploring the countryside of Sussex, devouring scones and generally being beyond happy.

Eating (what a surprise) on Valentine´s day, watching a wonderful sunset with a very old friend, dancing under glitter skulls and buying necklaces my 9 year old self would love.

Loving with every piece of my heart. Especially my little brothers and these two wonderful people, who I am beyond happy to call my best friends. Also liking newly blue skies.

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  1. Love all of these beautiful photos! I love both Barcelona and Dublin - hoping to return to Dublin soon!

    x Sarah

  2. Fantastischer Post! Ich war vor einem Jahr auch in Brighton und ich fand es toll :)
    xx Lia


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