What if we started treating all girls like we do when we are drunk in club bathrooms?

Some of you might have read my blogpost about friendship that I published after a wonderful trip to Malmö last November. In it I talk about how wonderful it feels to be surrounded by uplifting, inspiring friends, especially girls.
I would like to discuss this in a little more detail. I think that some of the most toxic things in  a girl´s life come from other girls. We girls tend to take each other down a lot and we are constantly judging each other. Girls with tight skirts and a lot of make up are sluts. Girls who are shy and not very interested in fashion are weird nerds. Girls who play a lot of sports are too bulky and butch, girls who don´t are lazy and fat.
The amount of things a girl can do wrong is tremendous and "getting it right" honestly is impossible. All of this expectations and rules to me are horrible things that are deeply engrained in our society and literally every single girls deal with them.
So how about we at least stop putting this burdens up against each other? What if you would start to treat every girl you meet like you treat other girl´s in club bathrooms when you are drunk? What instead of constantly trashtalking other girls and taking them down you help them up, encourage them, spread kindness instead of hate?
What a wonderful world that could be.
Obviously there are horrible people out there and yes obviously some of them are girls. But I want you to stop that general, societal hate on girls, the internalized misogyny we all take part in. If you would not judge or hate on a guy for doing a certain thing, you definitely should not hate on girls for that.
Stop fucking judging other girls for their looks and instead try completing a girl that is trying a brave hair or fashion style. Give another girl a random compliment every goddamn day and do not only compliment the way they look. but maybe their great knowledge of history, their kind words or their contagious laugh. Stop comparing yourself to your friends and celebrate their achievements as you would your own. Don´t form an opinion on other girls´ sexlife, like them all the same if they hook up with someone every weekend or if sex is not interesting to them at all.
In every situation be the nicest, kindest and most empowering version of yourself and make praising and uplifting other girls your number one priority.
We need to stop seeing friendships or interactions between girls as mere "side relationships" or replacements for romantic relationships to men and we need to discover the amazing potential of Girlove
Spreading positivity especially around other girls will make every single one of your days brighter. Girls are a wonderful bunch of people, who can bring sparkles to even your dullest days. Girls are the ones who make breakfast in bed, who come over with Ben&Jerry´s after a horrible break up, girls write you a letter or buy your favourite candle for you.
So please, please invest in relationships with girls and not just in relationships with significant others. One of the most crucial steps to loving yourself and others better, is starting to spread love amongst girls.

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  1. That quote is too funny! And so true. I seriously do wish girls were nicer to each other, and it's so sad that so many girls treat each other so badly. Glad to hear about your resolution of spreading the love. :)


  2. very nice .. and true
    i am following your blog, please follow back. http://melodyjacob1.blogspot.com/ thank you

  3. Truly great! xx


  4. I literally talked about this, giving the example of how lovely drunk girls in club bathrooms are, with a friend a few days ago and i couldn't agree more with you! girl love, girl power wooo! <3


  5. I absolutely love this post!! We definitely need to start spreading the love a bit more! X

  6. Great post and great photos. Love it. I follow you, could you follow back, pls. Kiss



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