Today I turn 22, tomorrow I will move to England and just in general I feel like it is time for a change. After 3 years of feeling Electric this blog and I have developed and I feel like a new name and a (very mediocre) new design are the right choice. So welcome to Smultronställen. Why this name and what to expect as follows:

Smultronstället (swedish, n.)

lit. "place of wild strawberries"; a special place discovered, treasured, returned to for solace and relaxation; a personal idyll free from stress or sadness.

This blog started in 2012 with my gap year after high school, that I spent in Chile, Brasil, Bali and Thailand.
After my travels I decided to (more or less) settle down in Sweden, where I am studying  International Relations and while I am at it try to see as much as possible of this beautiful planet. I have since traveled around Europe and have just moved to Brighton for my erasmus.
When I first read the word smultronstället while learning Swedish I absolutely fell in love with it as it combines so many of the things I love: the cute swedish language, wild strawberries and special treasured places in your life.
It is exactly that what I would like this blog to be: a place to where you return after a bad day or to relax focusing on the beautiful little things in life, which for me are good books, amazing travels, delicious food and nice clothes. Sounds like something you could like as well? 

Go on my journey with me to find more and more smultronställen across our beautiful blue planet.

Bookworm. Travelbug. Foodie. Daydreamer. Heart lost at sea.

"There is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon. For each day to have a new and different sun."

Christopher McCandless

"Since I was born I had known I was a writer. I had the will, the ability, the courage and the capacity to be a writer. I had never stopped writing and never imagined doing anything else. Though I never believed I could live on it. But I was ready to die for it."

Gabriel García Márquez

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