Yeah I know it has been 2015 for almost three weeks, yeah you guys are right I have been 22 for a week and yeah I know I have and will never be on time. 
But every year for my birthday I like to wish for a list of things, as many wishes (see how I do not call them resolutions, but wishes? positive thinking and so on) as years I am currently old. That does not only give me almost two more weeks of bumming around in the worst month of the year, it also makes the whole "New Year, New You" a little more personal. Last year I managed to accomplish most of my wishes , except for returning to London and getting that smokin´bikini body, but oh well maybe this year. Now that I am settled in beautiful Brighton, have a gym membership and my introduction week completed I am ready to take being 22 by storm. And to start this off and also already tackle one of my wishes I share the first 11 wishes for my 22nd year with you guys. I hope you all pressure me when I slack off and if you´d like share your resolutions in the comments (it is still january after all so technically we are doing quite good).

1. Maintain a B average at university

Transitioning from very promising child to mediocre twenty something student was not necessarily my favourite part of growing older and after my internship I am eager to learn again and keeping my dream Master in mind it is time to step up my study game.

2. Focus more energy on my blog

After years and years of keeping this diary on and off, imagining how nice it would be to live from blogging and admiring people with truly wonderful blogs, for one year I want to focus as much energy as possible on this little online diary and especially post more quality content.

3. Allow love in my life

Being a double break up child, I have never really trusted in love. I have been a lonely wolf for some time now, keeping everyone at arm´s length from me and minding my own business. While I still very much enjoy being alone, I feel like it is time to be a bit nicer to the people around me and especially to accept and give more love and kindness.

4. Be completely honest

While I think I am generally honest, I still use a lot of little white lies for simply easing my life. But not this year!

5. Be reliable

Same thing basically. As much as I love going out, I very much enjoy quiet nights at home and not only one time have I tweaked the truth to get out of appointments and dates.

6. Loose at least 6 kg until mid march

If everything is going right, I will be in Barcelona in March enjoying some sun at the beach. I very much would like to do that feeling good in a bikini. My diet and work out regime have seriously been slacking and I just do not feel very good at the weight I am at the moment.

7. Learn Yoga

I wanted to learn yoga for years now and in regards to wish number six, this shall be mine and yoga´s year.

8. Write one page every day

Not only do I have a wonderful diary with 365 empty pages after reading one book every week last year, this year is all about writing.

9. Have a beach holiday in Portugal that´s all I am saying.

10. Reunite in Barcelona

With one of my best friends, who I haven´t seen in almost two years in the destination I enjoyed so very much in 2012.

11. Celebrate St. Patrick´s Day in Ireland

Making means of my wonderful location in Brighton so very close to the gorgeous green island.

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2 Kommentare

  1. Wow! You've got so many resolutions! I've started small and set three important ones but I've gotten a few more ideas from yours!

    I've recently relaunched my new website and would love if you could stop by and let me know what you think!

    Helen xx

    1. Yeah they are a lot, but generally they focus on the same idea to spread more love and travel :) We´ll see how I do :D I sadly can´t open any pages on your page, but I will check over the next days : )


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