Actually 11, but you will notice that they ultimately end up to be 22. So here´s my continued list of 22 wishes:

12. See Edinburgh and the Highlands

Yes I have been around the UK, but due to heavy rain I missed Scotland during one visit and oh how keen I am now to finally see it!

13. Discover more of Sweden

One wonderful year in Malmö, sadly only one more wonderful swedish town that I discovered and that a mere 10 minutes away from Malmö. Time to get lost in Sweden!

14. Celebrate and enjoy the little things

Yes the big things are generally wonderful, but isn´t it the little things like a pretty sunset, a nice home cooked meal, a big cup of tea after a cold day that really make life beautiful?

15. Have a special NYE

I have loved New Years for ages now and still I never really had the great night I was hoping for. No matter what, this year I will at least do everything I can do to make a night to remember.

16. Have an actual birthday party

Having my birthday in january means having it in the middle of the exam period of most of my friends, in the greyest, coldest and most miserable month of the year and normally one day before I leave for wherever life takes me. So of course I have not had an actual party for my birthday since ever.

17. Take and give no bullshit

There is absolutely no need for it, be it talking behind peoples back, worrying too much what someone thinks about you or general negativity.

18. Don´t live my life in episodes

Moving to a new country every few months generally means that I leave wonderful people behind, but more often it means leaving all of my responsibilities behind so that I will just be very selfish and just do whatever I want to do. While that is generally nice it is not a way to live your life for ages.

19. Find a job in Malmö

I have not been working my first year in Sweden and that was absolutely fine, but to not have to work in factory halls this summer I would be more than happy to take on any job once I get back.

20. Become editor in chief of my school´s magazine

More of a CV thing to be honest, but also something I really, really would like to do.

21. Build a home in Malmö

I have been restless, filled with Wanderlust, globetrotting for two years now. It has been very nice. It also has been very stressful. And it meant I never got to build my own little nest and that´s what I am aiming for having one long relaxed year in Malmö ahead.

22. LOVE myself and others better

This will actually be a series on this blog so yay, you guys can follow along!

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  1. You look so pretty in that first picture! I love your outfit :)

  2. No 17 - perfect!

    Christina ♥

  3. Nach Schottland würde ich auch wahnsinnig gerne !

    Strange Obsessions

  4. Nice post!

  5. i think 17 dear. besides i am following you, please follow back. my new post here

  6. Good luck with your wishes, I don't have so many because I tend not to accomplish them, so I took one at the time :D

  7. #17 is the best!! :D

    Let me know what you think about my latest article!


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