Last year when I spent the pre christmas days in my lovely Malmö we had an intense baking session with all of my favourite girls. I normally prefer cooking instead of baking, but when it comes to christmas cookies I go totally crazy. I think it is because I have so many great memories of baking and especially decorating cookies, when I was younger. Every year when december comes closer I will stand in the kitchen and bake, while listening to cheesy christmas songs. 
During baking last year my Norwegian friend told me that in her country it´s a tradition to make seven different kinds of cookies when you are baking for christmas and I think it is the best tradition I have ever heard. It helps me to satisfy both my intense obsession with baking and my love for loads of sweets, that fill up my kitchen. So without further ado here are my seven favourite christmas cookies for you guys, please forgive me if the names are not translated correctly:

Traditional sugar cookies

Generally super easy and quick, they take me hours to finish as I get way too excited about decorating them. I also like to spice them up by adding lemon or orange zest to the dough. When decorating make sure to use fresh lemon juice and powdered sugar for the frosting it is way better than using water or artificial juice.

Vanillekipferl/Sand tarts

Basically sugar cookies on crack. Whoever made this cookies first must have been like: well yeah I have this cookies made up of fat (butter) and sugar, I definitely need to add more fat (ground nuts) and sugar in form of vanilla and powdered sugar. They are completely over the top and that´s why I truly love them.

Spitzbuben/Jammy Dodgers

You can easily make these out of the normal sugar cookie dough. Make sure to use a round cookie cutter and if you want them to look especially fancy you can also use a smaller cookie cutter to make a pretty hole in the top one. I love them with raspberry jam and and I also like to add a little vanilla sugar to the powdered sugar coating.

Kokos-Makronen/Coconut macaroons

These bring summer back to your christmassy kitchen, are fluffy and very sweet. They should be stored carefully in metal boxes as they dry out quite quickly. This is the german version of macaroons, showing our love for practical and efficient work, compared to the french delicate and complicated version. We germäns do not have time for sieving se flour!


The Swede´s most beloved cookie version comes with loads of spices and memories of Michel of Lönneberga. Gingerbread also makes cute christmas ornaments if you are a poor student and christmas decorations are not included in the budget. They are also good for weeks so after christmas you can eat them! Already handled the saving money resolution.

Grandma´s chocolate cookies

Every year my grandma makes this deliciousness and every year no one else gets one as I eat them all. They are not a traditional family recipe to be honest, but come from Germany´s favourite lady magazine. I just do not come from a traditional family, which is proven every single year.

Zimtsterne/Cinnamon stars

Maybe the hardest ones to master, but oh so worth it when you do. To be honest I have never accomplished that, but after making six different kind of cookies, you can buy the seventh one if you ask me.

All pictures via Tumblr and Pinterest

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  1. Your cookies look ridiculously good! Mine always taste good bur their looks have never even come close to yours.
    Hope you've had a great festive season.

  2. Sieht super lecker aus :) werde ich mal nach backen, danke für die tollen Rezepte.
    lg und noch ein schöne Woche

  3. Yum, das sieht so lecker aus!
    Da muss ich wohl nochmals einige Kekse backen :)
    Liebe Grüsse


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