All grinches and anti christmas people are now very welcome to leave my blog. I will not be mad, I will not be angry and I will welcome you back here with open arms, once you decide to come back here in january. See you sweeties.
For everyone else, I am glad you are ready to enjoy the christmastime as much as fucking possible. This blog (and my life) will be a little bubble filled with happiness, glitter, sugar cookies and love for the next four weeks. I love christmas. I don´t know why or how this happened to the little asshole that I am, but every year around christmas I get all lovey dovey, I start watching nothing but cute chickflicks, I believe in the good in people (a faith I have lost in the first month of being a waitress and never really gotten back) and I am actually a very nice person and not the horrible grump I usually am.
There are a lot of traditions to be taken on, like making my grandma´s delicious chocolate cookies, decorating my room and getting overly excited. I am also so happy to be home for christmas time this year and not having to focus on exams, which means that I can visit my family and do some preparations together and I get to enjoy the beauty of German christmas markets.
I am also generally really excited for 2014 to be over, not because I did not absolutely enjoy it, but mainly because in the second week of 2015 I get to move to one of my favourite countries in the world: England. I will also probably spend my 22nd birthday in my number one town on this planet London and I am so excited for all this. How do you enjoy this most magical time of the year?

The one and only life motto you need.

Spending every second of free time (limited!) in my bed,

... enjoying the beauty of my still new hometown,

... or brunching with my bestie. Nothing like a nice weekend to catch up after surviving on phone calls for months.

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3 Kommentare

  1. Es weihnachtet! Die wohl sentimentalste Zeit des Jahres beginnt..

  2. Yesterday I was in Germany, in Aken to see Weinachtsmarkt :) amazing atmosphere, I felt Christmas finally!

  3. Oh ein tollen Blog hast du!
    Hab gesehen du warst in Paris, vielleicht kannst du mir ja etwas helfen?
    Schau doch bitte vorbei :


    Grüße aus Bremen


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