Thanks to the wonderful coincidence of a bank holiday on a friday this busy working girl managed to calm her never ending wanderlust for a bit. I have spent the long weekend in Prague, wandering beautiful cobble streets, admiring macaron coloured houses and watching the sun set over the Charles bridge.

Prague is perfect for a sweet little weekendtrip: easily accessible especially for you Germans (it took me 5 hours in a car share that I mostly spent napping), perfect for walking around aimlessly since every corner is beyond beautiful and so cheap you can justify the trip even on a tight student budget.
Prague had it all for me. Gorgeous architecture, good food and beautiful sights. It is perfect for a weekend and I could imagine even more perfect to live. Have you ever been to Prague? And what are your tipps for a weekend there?


I have spent my two nights in the beautiful Adam&Eva-Hostel, which was not only the prettiest and cleanest hostel I have ever been to, but while located in a quiet area at Kleinseite it is in walking distance to all important sights.


And walking was what I did! I have only used public transportation to get into and out of town to get to my car share. Strolling around Prague is a magic experience especially in autumn with all the coloured leaves. At literally every corner is a gorgeous new building, statue or church to spot and so, without a plan, you can spend all day just falling in love with the city.
All important sights are in a walking distance from one another. I started my own little city tour along the Moldau towards the Charles bridge. On the way there, you can make a little stop at the John Lennon Memorial Wall if you like The Beatles or colourful graffiti. It´s not too easy to find so make sure to bring a map.
From there you go on to Charles Bridge. It is absolutely gorgeous in the sunset and while you might have it to yourself at dawn I prefer my sleep. The bridge is generally packed with people and crossing it can be quite difficult at times. I therefore did not even try that and climbed up to the castle. While the way up is very steep it is generously decorated with picturesque old buildings and those and a delicious Trdlnik at the top make you forget about it quite quickly. The castle of Prague is made up of a lot of different buildings and seems like an entire town of it´s own. You can walk around in it for free and only have to pay if you want to enter some of the buildings. Just strolling was enough for me though and the beautiful panoramic view is free of charge too! 

From the castle I made my way back down, exploring the old Jewish quarter. Especially the old cemetry is both beautiful and haunting and experiencing this tragic part of the town´s history is quite impressive.
From the jewish quarter it´s not far to the old town, the little market and the astronomic clock. Strolling around there is just gorgeous, just make sure to leave the most touristic places for food, coffee and beers, it´s just too expensive right in the centre. Maybe just buy a snack in a supermarket and have a picknick on one of the pretty artificial islands along the Legii bridge. Especially now with the beautiful leaves it´s a great stop to relax your sore feet while enjoying the nice view down the Moldau.
I spent my last hours in Prague in the Franz Kafka museum close to Charles Bridge, which is showing the exhibition City of K. It was a beautiful insight into the author´s life and you could see a completely new side of Prague. Entrance is only 3 euros for students and it is a great way to spend time when it´s raining.


Obviously Prague and the Czheck Republic are famous for sausages and goulash, but there´s loads of alternatives and since all food is cheap why not have some Thai if that´s what you prefer and turn back to the Czheck cuisine for dessert (did someone say Trdlnik or Rugelach)? I can wholeheartedly recommend the Lemon Leaf . It´s not a secret tip, so you might want to reserve a table especially for bigger groups.
But obviously you are also here to have some cheap beer! There are loads of bars around  town, but I was lucky to get some inside tipps from Maxi who spent her erasmus in Prague and so my new hostel friends and I enjoyed U Sudu, a bar that looks like a teeny tiny smoker´s bar from the outside, but has a huge cellar, loads of bars and places to sit. Beer is not even a euro and you are not going to be sorrounded by tourists.
After many, many cheap beers you need a good breakfast! I cured my hangover at the Globe. This gorgeous Café combines two of my favourite things: a bookstore and a hearty brunch. There a loads of options to choose from,  friendly personnel plus a gorgeous stuck ceiling. I was a happy camper. Thanks again to Maxi for her recommendation!

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