While actual time travel does not really work out yet, smells can take you back in time for a few seconds. My childhood smells like the moist house we lived in. Like the two huge cats we had. Like the car of my dad and the house of my grandparents, where I spent every friday. There also a lot of outside smells, like the lilac I made scented oil from for my mom´s birthday or like the white moss from Ronia the Robber´s Daughter I sunk my hands in during a trip to Sweden. Like the damp ground of the forest on Bornholm and the pancakes with strawberries and vanilla ice cream afterwards. Like the olive trees in Greece and sugar coated donuts mixed with sea foam. It smells like horses and the stables and very contrary to other people I love this smell. I could and do sink my nose into the fur of horses for hours. My childhood smells like home and safety.
If my teenage spirit had a smell it would smell like wodka energy the drink our local club sold for a euro per glas to us from 16 on, which to this day seems very irresponsible and dangerous but seemed incredibly cool at the time. It smells like the huge rose bushes in our garden. Like my wet dog and rain on the street. It smells like the chocolate cookies from our school cafeteria, that were wonderfully gooey and delicious when you were lucky and dry like a piece of cardboard when you were not. It smells like the air refreshener of a trailer in Alabama and that smell still gives me goosebumps up until today. It smells like the cologne of that one boy that you looked for in the perfume shop after big fights and that brings up so many memories when it blows by in the street. However it does weirdly not smell like that other guy that was also so very important, but just like him his smell just disappeared. It smells like lattes I drank at work and oh so many tiny milk chocolates. It and I still smell like Burberry London, a scent named after my favourite town in the world. My teenage years also smell like London itself. My teenage years smell like drama and unnecessary tears, but also like so much fun.
My twenties so far smell delicious. They smell like all the ponies and horses in Chile. Like wine in a big melon on hot evenings. Like the dry mountains and the burning sun. It smells like cilantro and drinks named after earthquakes. Like age old forests in constant rain and like damp rooms in the jungle. They smell like delicious caipirinhas and cold cold airports. Like noodles cooked at street shops and very fresh cut pineapple. Like sea and coconut curries. It smells like my first own flat and oh so much coffee with friends. My twenties smell like adventures and promises. And so far that is my favourite smell.

Read: One hundred years of Solitude
Listened to: Iggy Azealea
Watched: Wonderful German trash TV. There is nothing like it.
Loved: Strangely enough working. And seeing my beautiful bestie again!
Hated: Sleep deprivation. Which seems to be a constant struggle in my life.
Hoped: For good weather at the Hurricane. But well how likely is that.
Discovered: A little bit of Münster

Such a wonderful, wonderful girl.

I mean she is good at art and making breakfast. What else could you wish for?

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