Sometimes there is no great ending. No romantic goodbye in front of a firework, no amazing celebration, no graceful wave as you enter the security of the airport. Most of the time there are missed dates for the last hugs, a friend that is way too drunk so you have to hold her hair instead of you being the centre of attention or you with blood red shot eyes stumbling onto your plane. And that is okay. Moments can just be that: great moments. And goodbyes and new beginnings are generally messy things.
But my last goodbye was perfect. Just in true Malmö tradition another wonderful brunch took place this time sunkissed and in the patio. We enjoyed predrinks and a barbecue in the park and then danced all night to latin american music.
I wore the first dress I had ever bought in Malmö, I hugged the wonderful people I enjoyed a great year with and listened to the music I miss so much from Chile. And just high on life, while the goodbye still was hard, I could make peace with leaving.
Just like the first ever unmessy goodbye I had a very pleasant arrival at home too, seeing basically everyone I had spent my more or less wild teenage nights and high school days at a birthday party.
And even though yes moments are just moments, sometimes having a great finish to a wonderful time or a nice start into a new episode of you lifes feels wonderful and right. We celebrate messy things, such as goodbyes, birthdays and relation ship starts, because it makes them more approachable. Because blowing out birthday candles is is easier than thinking about you being yet another year older still stumbling around in adult world and still not a bit more grown up. Because drinking champagne and enjoying a nice dinner is easier than wondering what this next year means for your relationship.
I am really thankful that my transition from my second semester to the summer break went so smoothly. For clinking caipirinhas in a hot night instead of struggling with last minute packing and crying by myself. For being so busy the entire time and to be honest so hungover today that the reality of not living in Sweden anymore for a year and moving back into my mom´s place for summer (praying for a summer job) has not hit me yet.
I am happy that all the great moments of the last year were honoured with even more great moments. Because as a person you need that sometimes.

Read: Rumo and His Miraculous Adventures
Listened to: Kanye West of all things and actually really enjoyed it
Watched: Sunrises above my two favourites cities
Hated: Trains at 7 in the morning. Trains in general. Moving in trains especially.
Loved: Burger Breakfasts
Hoped: For all of the reunions
Discovered: Maybe high school reunions can be fun

Beach and Parkdates for ever

After girls nights out and three hours of sleep trainrides with loads of luggage seem as impossible as the journey to Mordor

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  1. bist du nicht jonas Schwester? xDDD

  2. Ich Liebe dieses Buch :D

    Bei mir läuft gerade eine Blogvorstellungs Aktion, vielleicht hast du lust, daran Teilzunehmen?

    Liebst, Katja


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