This morning I woke up at four. Not on purpose, not to work out, or be incredibly productive, not for uni. I just woke up and couldn´t sleep anymore.

Maybe the reason for this mess up in my generally amazing sleep pattern (there were two night I really could NOT sleep: when I had my first heartbreak and before I flew to Asia) is that yesterday I moved once again. I am still staying in my room here in Malmö until the 31st of May, but yesterday I brought all of my pictures, my pillows, my books and all of that little frilly stuff you buy at Ikea minutes before you are supposed to check out your one shelf to a friend´s storage, leaving this room quite blank and with a weird cell feel to it.
As we all know moving just sucks. You get annoyed by all of the stuff you have, you basically just want to throw everything away and you get incredibly stressed out.
While other than that I had an amazing week, freed of the pressure of my Minor Thesis and spoiled by some incredibly kind higher power with gorgeous sunshine, an abundance of picknicks and barbecues with wonderful people and basically drinks every single day, biking home in either the break of dawn or very light swedish blue hours I noticed how sad I am to leave Malmö.
It has been a wonderful year, with such amazing people, fulfilling all of the expectations and dreams I had of Sweden and often even exceeding these ideas. I could never imagine such a welcoming, fun and international community. In the year I have been here, there was basically no drama, no unpleasant people and it is safe to say this town became my happy place.
I will miss Malmö and the people here so much and even though I am looking forward to  going back to the motherland and especially having a structured day to day life at my internship, goodbyes are horrible. You would think at one point you get used to them, but to be honest it still hurts like a bitch. I am going to make the most out of my last 5 days and I am propably going to annoy my friends, who stay here like crazy. But I think no matter how many times I leave, I will actually never be okay with saying goodbye. So maybe, just maybe we could keep it to see you soon?

Read: Perfume: The story of a murder
Listened to: Eric Hassle and Ellie Goulding: Be Mine, my one and only sadness song
Watched: Chicago
Hated: Packing. So so so much.
Loved: Strawberry-Lime Cider, I will miss you
Hoped: That no one will notice my sunburn
Discovered: even more nice people. Why only now?

Did you miss my breakfast posts? I sure did!

I feel so loved thanks to people like these two dumbdumbs

Moving (do you think I have a problem with floral print?) and drinks after

PS: I will post in English as for the first time in my life I will share this blog with people I actually know (CRAZY!), as I am horrible with Skype and they can see what I am up to here if they want to. Hope you don´t mind :)

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2 Kommentare

  1. Hey, ich kenne dieses Gefühl zwischen Fernweh und Heimweh auch sehr gut...
    Musst du denn nicht zurück nach Malmö oder machst du den Rest deines Bachelors woanders?

    Lg & genieß deine letzten Tage!

    1. Nein ich komme schon wieder zurück :) Mein Studium ist so aufgebaut, dass ich das erste Jahr Kurse in Malmö habe, dann zwei Semester in denen ich andere Kurse in Malmö, einen Austausch oder ein Praktikum machen kann und dann wieder Internationale Beziehungs-Kurse in Malmö. Ich mache jetzt ein Praxissemester und danach mein Erasmus in England und bin dann das letzte Jahr wieder in Malmö : ) Danke!


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