Our last stop during our adventures in Thailand was Ko Thao. I was most excited for this and it was actually my favourite. Ko Thao is the smallest of the Samui islands and mainly famous for it´s amazing diving locations and the cheap courses, as well as the nice beaches and beach bars.

Getting there

Just like we did for Ko Pha-Ngan you can take the train from Bangkok and the drive on by boat, but as we already were of one of the islands close to buy we just booked a boat drive over.
We walked around quite a lot and just asked for rooms as suprisingly even though we visited in low season the island was quite busy. We ended up staying in bungalows right at the beach, that smelled a little off, but were cosy nontheless. 


Sadly we did not have the time for a whole diving class, but we went on a wonderful snorkeling trip for only 15 Euros we were transported to 5 snorkeling spots, got a nice thai lunch and fresh fruit and drinks all day.
In my head I am a mermaid, so this was just wonderful for me. I have seen so many gorgeous fishes, beautiful corals and even a little shark. The locations were also breathtaking, especially a beautiful little island that we headed to after four diving spots. It had great beaches and an impressive lookout point.   


On Ko Thao we had one of the most fun nights during our whole trip: we watched a free ladyboy show. You do have to take a drink, but for a four Euro beer you can see some of the most impressive dance moves I have ever seen, performed by incredible agile ladies in twelve centimeter heels.
I as an absolute idiot with make up was deeply impressed by their eyeshadow skills and as the lazy person that I am by their amazing bodies. 
My favourite beach bar, was the lotus bar. It´s famous buckled palm tree and the comfortable seating cushions are amazing, especially at sunset. 
As on every other thai island fire dancers perform at the beach after sunset.

Ko Thao was my last stop in Thailand and also the last one of my big trip this year. I have been travelling a third of it and I have loved every second. I have learned so much, seen so many great things and made so many wonderful new friends. I am never happier than when I am travelling and I truly hope I will be able to continue this great adventures in the future.

(I FUCKING love trainrides)

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  1. Einfach trauuuuuumhafte Bilder ♥_♥ Bin sooo neidisch!


  2. Die Bilder gefallen mir so so so gut. Danke, dass du so viel von deiner Reise berichtet hast, meine Hübsche. Ich liebe das Bild von dir auf dieser "Mauer"? ;) Wirklich schön!



  3. WOW! Das sieht unwahrscheinlich schön aus!!
    Ich kann es kaum noch abwarten bis ich in den Urlaub fahre.

  4. Wunderschöne Impressionen, bin hin und weg....hach....

  5. wirklich wunderschöne Urlaubsbilder!
    Wünsche dir noch ein schönen Abend <3

  6. Wow wow wow super schöne Bilder! Zum neidisch werden!

    Liebe Grüße


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