Packing is never an easy task. Packing for a trip that will last over a month is an absolute nightmare.You will need stuff for the beach, for temples and museums, for parties and hiking. Where will you fit it? And how should you carry it all?A backpack is your best option for a long trip, because it does not only allow you to hold a map or a snack from a streetstand, it also allows you to cry into your hands when needed.
It is also is a magic device in which you will always find that little extra space, you never expected and it is easier to handle in mud and rain than a rolling case.

The key is to neither over nor underpack. And to key to master this task is moderation and being true to yourself. If you love fashion you will not be okay with only wearing white shirts and Birkenstocks as practical as they may be. And you don´t need to. Take some of  your favourite clothes, but be reasonable. You really do not need a clutch for a night out if you can just take a nice little satchel which you could also use for a sightseeing day. There are also ways to wash your clothes in hostels or in laundromats without wasting too much money, so don´t overpack. Also make sure to bring the right shoes, have at least one pair that is comfy enough for long days of sightseeing and safe enough for the occasinal hike or jungle walk. You and your feet will thank me for this.

Even if you fly to a very warm country make sure to bring a nice cardigan and a big scarf. You can not only use them during chilly nights, but they will be your best friends in the icy depths of planes and buses. There is nothing worse than a cold in 40 degree heat thanks to that damn aircondition.
You can also use the scarf to cover you shoulders, when visiting temples or churches. It is basic respect to cover your knees and shoulders when you visit a religious sight and it is also mandatory in many places as apparently a lot of people do not know what basic respect is. Wide pants made from linnen or cotton are perfect for this. They and light blouses are also usually the better choice than tight jeans or shirts when it´s 35 degrees and the humidity is at 90 percent.
I also always recommend to take some medication from your home country, such as headachepills, pills against nauseau and dirrahea, some plasters and if you are one of the lucky persons who has periods take tampons. Especially in very catholic countries they can be incredibly expensive or are no where to be found. If you have chronic illnesses make sure you know where to get your medication or bring a supply of your own. It can also be helpful to bring some travelling detergent to quickly wash your favourite clothes

Leave some space for new clothes and souvenirs and take some things to cure homesickness such as your boyfriend´s shirt, some pictures from home or your favourite stuffed animal.

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  1. Danke für das tolle Kompliment! <3
    Ohh man ich war damals auch so überfordert, als ich einen Rucksack für 6 Monate Neuseeland packen musste :D


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